How Much Do Braces Hurt On A Scale Of 1-10?

How Much Do Braces Hurt On A Scale Of 1-10

If you are thinking about wearing braces then you must have thought about the pain. The braces put pressure on your teeth. Hence you feel pain and other sensations in your teeth. So how much do braces hurt on a scale of 1-10? different people have different tendencies to bear the pain.

So the answer or this question can be different from person to person. Here we will find out more about the braces and pain related to the braces. 

For How Long Do Braces Hurt?

The soft tissue of the teeth gets hurt during the process of applying braces. You can feel the pain in your teeth and gums. The pain level of every person is different. But on average, the teeth can hurt for up to a week. During this week you have to eat doctor-recommended food only. Otherwise, you will make your pain worse.

You can also use some counter pain medications to relieve the pain. The counter pain reliever marks it easy for you to adapt the braces. The mouth adjusts to the new braces a week after getting braces. So you might feel some discomfort for one week.

How Much Do Braces Pain Hurt On A Scale of 10?

The pain will have different scales every day. On the first day, you might just feel some discomfort. And the real pain starts the next day after getting braces. The next day you can feel up to 5 levels of pain in your teeth.

You will find yourself unable to chew. But as the days pass by the pain will start to diminish. You can take pain relievers at this time. Even after taking the pain relievers, it is not suggested to eat hard foods. 

How To Reduce The Pain After Braces?

There are a lot of things that you can do to reduce the pain of braces. These things will help you in less feeling the pain. make sure that you try all to get the best results and relief the pain.

  1. Took painkillers regularly for at least 5 days.
  2. Use orthodontic wax to relieve the pain in your gums. This wax will hum the site of the pain. And you will not feel the pain. But it works for a short duration only. 
  3. Avoid foods that will make you chew. Eat soup, yogurt, and mashed potatoes. These foods do not require much chewing and hence you will feel less pain.
  4. Do not harshly brush your teeth. This can cause more pain in your teeth. So use a soft bristle toothbrush.

Why Braces Hurt More At Night?

In the begging, your mouth does not become habitual to the braces in the teeth. So as soon as you lay down to sleep the mouth has a strange feeling.

And you start feeling the pounding in your gums. It is advised to not sleep with face down on the pillow after getting braces. This will make your teeth hurt more. 


In conclusion, how much do braces hurt on a scale of 1-10? The braces hurt more in the first few days. But it starts to diminish after some time. The first week is very cautious. And you have to take proper caution to keep your mouth safe.

Eat only doctor-recommended food. If your pain is getting worse even after taking the medications you should visit the doctor again.

This will serve as a complete guide for you to avoid the pain after getting braces. The food that you can eat after getting braces is mentioned here. Make sure that you eat only those things. 

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