How Much Do Box Braids Cost – Quick Answer

How Much Do Box Braids Cost - Quick Answer

We are living in a world where outer appearance is considered as beauty. And hairstyle defines your outer appearance a lot. So if you do not have long hair then you can not make unique hairstyles like braids. So if you have a long hair and dont know how much do box braids cost then this article is only for you. These braids can cost your from $70-$200. Read the list that affect the price of braid box and then make a conscious decision.

This box contains a wig that is already braided. And these look super stylish and unique. But you will see differences in the prices of these braids. Here we will discuss the causes that create these price differences. So if you are thinking about getting a braids box then you are at the right place to get the price information.

How Much Do Box Braids Cost In My Area?

The price on various factors but do not worry we are here to give you an answer. So we will not leave you in between. If you want to get a braid box it will cost you around $70 to $200. This price will fluctuate based on your choices. These braids are the best way to protect your natural hair. Because the hair is damaged if you make braids out of them. Hence braid lovers prefer these wigs to wear. Now let’s discuss the factors that decide the price of these braids.

Factors That Decide The Final Price Of The Braid Box

There are a lot of different factors that decide the braid box price. And we will discuss those one by one in detail. So you get a good idea about the price range of braid boxes.

1. Type of Extensions

The type and quality of hair extensions used can greatly influence the overall cost of box braids. Human hair extensions, which closely mimic natural hair and offer greater styling versatility, are typically more expensive than synthetic alternatives. Additionally, the brand and length of the extensions contribute to the total cost, with premium brands often commanding higher prices.

2. Braid Size and Length

The size and length of the box braids desired also impact the cost. Smaller and more intricate braids generally take longer to complete, requiring a higher level of skill and precision. Longer braids may require more extensions, contributing to increased material costs and, subsequently, a higher overall price.

3. The Selected Way of Wearing Braids

 If you are wearing braids by yourself then your service cost will be reduced from the final price. Because you will now pay for the product only. But if you are getting them done from a saloon then you have to pay the service charge along with the braid box charge. So the final price will increase.

4. Your Location

The product prices vary from location to location. It is because of the different tax policies. So you will see differences in prices with states. And if the demand for products in your location is high then there are chances that you can get these at so discount. But if braid boxes are rarely available in your area then you have to pay the full price.


I hope this article is useful to find the answer to the “how much box braids cost” question and please note that the cost of box braids varies depending on several factors. And the final price is decided by these factors. If you are choosing the real human hair braid box then it will cost you more than the normal braid box. Another important deciding factor is the size and the number of braids. The more the quantity, the higher the price.

So all these factors will decide your final price. These braids can change your whole look. If you are getting braids then you have to maintain them.

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