How Much Calorie Deficit To Lose Weight?

How Much Calorie Deficit To Lose Weight

Burning more calories than you consume is a necessary element for weight loss. But no one tells you how much calorie deficit to lose weight.  Here is the answer to this query. Calories are an important part of our meals. The number of calories that you eat per day directly affects weight gain and weight loss. 

The energy of the food is measured in calories. The daily activities that you do or the physical activities that you perform also consume calories. So it is a unit of energy. That describes how much energy we have taken from the food. And how much energy we have consumed by doing exercises. 

What Is Meant Of Creating A Calorie Deficit Diet?

Creating A Calorie Deficit Diet

A calorie deficit simply means consuming fewer calories. The fewer calories that you will consume the less fat will accumulate on your body and hence the more you will lose weight.

Eating fewer calories depends on a lot of factors. Everybody works differently. So some people need more calories to function and some need less. Ehre are some important factors that play an important role in deciding how many calories are sufficient.

  • Age 
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Goal

All these things are very important to understand before going on a calorie deficit diet. 

How Many Calories Are Necessary For A Healthy Person?

How Many Calories Are Necessary For A Healthy Person

Calorie intake is necessary for both weight gain and weight loss. But how many calories should a healthy person take? This depends from person to person. But talking about a healthy adult the calorie intake for women per day is 2000.  And for men, it is 2200. If you want to lose weight then you have to consume less than this.

You may have to consume the calories a lot more than this. If you are using a calorie calculator then you can get an idea about your calorie intake. It is advised to use the calorie tracker for a few days and uncheck how many calories you have consumed in a day.

If you are consuming the right amount then it is fine. But if you are consuming more then you need to cut the calorie intake as soon as possible. 

Need To Know How Much Calorie Deficit To Lose Weight?

Need To Know How Much Calorie Deficit To Lose Weight

It is up to you how much calorie deficiency you can take. If you can survive on a low-calorie diet without facing headache, fatigue, and weakness then you can go for it. But some people start to face many different symptoms as soon as they cut their calorie intake.

If you want to lose weight then you have to cut 500 calories in your daily calorie intake. So for example, if you were consuming 2000 calories a day then now you will be consuming 1500 calories. And along with the calorie deficit you have to do exercises daily.

So you will be losing 300 calories per day from the exercise. If you will do this method then you will be able to lose weight very fast. This technique has been used by many people out there to lose weight.

If you can not cut more calories then you have to focus on your workout more. Now instead of decreasing calories, you have to do more workouts say for one or two hours.

How To Reduce Calories From Your Daily Food Intake?

A lot of people face difficulty in reducing the calories from their diet. If you are a beginner then you will as this problem as well. The concept of calories is very easy. All you need to focus on is your food consumption and what you are eating in a day.

Here are some important tips that you can use to reduce the calories from your diet. Make sure that you follow all these to get the best possible results. 

How To Reduce Calories From Your Daily Food Intake

Avoid Sugar In Any Form

As a matter of fact, Sugar has the highest number of calories. Some people like to avoid eating sugar. But they consume many drinks that have a high intake of sugar. Like cold drinks, soft drinks, and all. Try to read the label of the drinks that you consume for the calorie information and the sugar measurement.

Avoid sugar in any form. Because not only does it cause weight gain but many other problems can arise from consuming a lot of sugar. So this thing will help you in how much calorie deficit to lose weight.

Avoid Packed Foods

All the packed and prepared means have a lot of calories. If you will prepare the same food at home then the calories will be fewer but they and preservatives in the packed food. So it naturally increases the calories.

And above all, it isn’t healthy to eat those foods for a long time. If you are craving such food then you can do a cheat day once a week and eat. But avoid eating these types of food daily. 

Prepare Food At Home

Even if you are craving salad try to prepare that at home. Because you will use less quantity of salt and other ingredients in it. And hence it will be more healthy for you than the outside salad. Use less oil to cook your meal. And avoid foods that have high fat and high carbs in them.

Instead of eating sugar try to eat fruits because fruits have natural sugar in them. If possible try to reduce your daily intake a swell. Do not completely remove the salt from the diet. Just decrease the quantity of salt that you consume in a day.

So you will be able to lose weight very quickly. But it might be dangerous for some people not to try to push yourself over limits. 


In conclusion, here is how much calorie deficit to lose weight. This will serve as a complete guide for you to reduce the calories from your meal. If you are a beginner try to reduce  100 calories first. So then gradually increases this number. Do not go on a calorie-deficit diet immediately. Because you might face some health issues if you will do this. 

If you are an experienced person then you can decrease the calories and increase the workout time. It will help in reducing the weight much faster than before.

If you face some health issues by decreasing the calories then do not push your body for that. Because you will end up harming yourself if you will continue to do so. 

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