How Many Shots Of Tequila To Get Drunk?

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Tequila is the name in the alcohol World. Only 2 shots are enough to get drunk. However, drinking over the limit is harmful to health.

How many tequila shots are enough to get drunk?

It is a Mexican drink that is made from blue agave. It is like a hub for blue agave; more than 25 species of blue agave are found there. 4 species are used to make tequila. 100 % blue agave tequila is the best while the other contains a mixture. The good tequila should at least have 51 percent of blue agave in it.

The drinking criteria are different for tequila. Heavy drinkers can drink straight from the bottle. Slow drinkers can find tequila a little too much in the beginning.

The average amount of alcohol in one tequila shot

Tequila Shots

The percentage of alcohol in shots of tequila brand depends upon the preparation method. Tequila prepared from the traditional method can have maximum alcohol of up to 35-45%. Tequila prepared from the advanced methods contains a maximum 60 percent of alcohol. The concentration also depends upon the types of mixtures used in the tequila.

How many shots are enough?

3 shots are enough. Do you know? The level of tolerance an individual has for alcohol varies from person to person. People can tolerate up to 70 percent while others can not stand in front of one bottle of beer. In addition, there are also other factors that play an important role in determining how tolerable tequila is.

Other factors that affect the alcohol tolerance

The following factors that can affect the alcohol or tequila tolerance level are as follows. These factors describe the tolerance power towards tequila.

#1. Gender

It is a scientific fact that women have higher blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) than males. So, women naturally have lower alcohol tolerance levels than males. If a woman is consuming alcohol regularly for a very long period then her tolerance level increases a bit but still not enough to compare the males.

#2. Age

The alcohol digestion power decreases with age. So, after your 30s, you will have very low alcohol tolerance power toward alcohol. Because the alcohol remains in your system for a longer period. At age one tequila shots seem too much. Stomach aches and indigestion are some common problems that you will face if you consume more alcohol.

#3. Drinking time

Do you know? As long as you consume alcohol on an empty stomach or without any snacks, it will naturally hit the spot when you consume it. You can experience heavy head and vomiting etc. This type of consumption leaves very harmful effects on the body. So, always drink tequila with proper etiquette. This will help you to tolerate more and you will experience a good taste of tequila as well.

The maximum limit of tequila

The maximum level of tequila depends upon the weight and gender of the consumer. For example for a 54kg woman 10 shots of tequila are enough. It means consumption above this level can also lead to death. However, for a 54 kg male the maximum tequila level is 13 shots. You can see the difference between the limits, it’s all because of BAC.

Tequila versus wine

These two ( tequila and wine) are different in ingredients. One glass of wine is not a healthy option in front of one glass of tequila. Unlike wine, tequila does not contain carbohydrates or sugars, which makes it a great beverage for parties. The calorie level is very low in tequila. So, in all aspects, tequila is a better option than wine ( especially red wine).


2-3 shots of tequila are enough to blow the mind of any person. However, you will face many health-related issues if you continue consuming tequila every day. The alcohol tolerance level depends upon age, weight, gender, eating etiquette, etc. Above all the drinks tequila is a much safer option only if consumed within a limit.

Women always have a lower tolerance for tequila than males. Always try to drink below the maximum limit because above that tequila can be life-threatening. Choose 100% blue agave tequila because that is a much healthier option. Now, you know how many shots of tequila to get drunk are required. Honest brands come under tequila.

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