How Many People Order Food Home Delivery In Costa Rica?

How Many People Order Food Home Delivery In Costa Rica

Costa Rica was a place where the restaurants did not deliver food. There were only a few restaurants that were delivering in costa rica. But in the past few years, the demand for delivery food has increased in this area. So many big restaurants have invested here. Here is a guide for how many people order food home delivery in costa rica.

Not only one type but now this place is a food hub of almost every possible type that you can think of. You can find Chinese, Italian, and Japanese here very easily. So people are more interested in food in this area. We will share a revenue list of years to show you the progress of restaurants in this area. 

Growth of online food home delivery in costa rica

Talking about the growth in previous years then a total growth of 300% has been seeing the food home deliberating.  Now this includes restaurant food deliveries and grocery deliveries. Along with the cooked food, the raw food material delivery also spikes in this area.

Hence some big companies like Doordash start to invest here. This number is said to be increased in the coming years. Because of the big investments in food delivery restaurants in costa rica.

Number of people that are ordering food for home delivery in costa rica

There are a lot of people that ordered online in costa rica. The current number is 1 million and this number also includes those people who have been ordering twice and thrice from the same or different restaurants. This number decreased in covid time.

But as soon as the restrictions were taken back people start to order food again. And this time the number increases a lot. People have assumed that this number will decrease after the pandemic but it was not. It increased a lot and affected the lives of many restaurant owners as well. Because they earned huge profits in their initial time here.

Recent year revenue of costa rica online food delivery services

This industry has grown a lot in costa rica. In the past year, the total revenue of this industry was 3 million. And this number is going to double in the coming years. Because her people are investing a lot in online foods. Because it saves time and now they have different varieties available.

These varieties included different food from all over the world. Leading restaurants have invested here for profit. and they are making a big number here as expected. 

Involvement in third-party delivery services in Costa Rica

Many third-party delivery apps are active in costa rica. Third-party delivery apps like Doordash help in delivering your food and groceries on time. However, some restaurants have delivery services. According to research, more than 70% of people like to order from the restaurant’s delivery service.

Third-party delivery apps are not much popular here. Because they take more than one order at one time. So it affects the quality of food and all. 

Takeout delivery orders in costa rica

Along with online deliveries takeout foods are also very common in costa rica. Takeout foods are those where a person orders food whether in person or online and then came to pick up the food. More than 59% of people use the take-out food option in costa rica. These people are mostly the working people.

The time of ordering the food also affects the service. At lunchtime, you will see more home delivery and during dinner, there will be more takeouts. So the time also affects the delivery type.


In conclusion, here is how many people order food home delivery in costa rica. Costa Rica has become the food restaurant’s leading market. The number of online food deliveries is huge in this area. This is the best place for new restaurants to start investing. Many leading restaurants have invested in this area and now they are gaining huge profits.

This guide will help you understand the huge market with the help of numbers. With this, you will understand how fact the costa rica online food delivery market is expanding and who are getting benefits out of this market. 

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