How many jobs are available in the military/government/technical?

How many jobs are available in the military/government/technical

If you want to serve in the military then this is the right time for you to do this. Work in the military and government technical sectors is in demand these days. Not many people are aware of the fact that the military have different types of jobs. Here is how many jobs are available in the military/government/technical sector. This article will give you an idea about these different jobs. And how you can get these.

Jobs in the military government pay well. And hence everyone tries to get in there. military personnel gets good pay since they join. And later the chances of promotion are also there. So this sector is perfect for those who are looking for a secure well-paying job for a long time. 

Basics about military government and technical sector

This sector focuses on the technical area of the military. There are a lot of things in which the military needs technical support. They mainly need help in managing the communication system, cyber intelligence, and more.

Some people think that service in the military is all about going to borders and fighting. But his is not it. All the jobs in the technical areas do not involve fighting and going through harsh training.

Types of jobs in jobs in military government technical sector

There are different types of jobs available in this sector. Some of these jobs are high paying while some are average paying. The salary here will depend on your work. A salary increment happens if you do a good job in your field. Here is the list of different types of jobs that are available in this sector.

Military intelligence

This job provides support to the commander’s orders. They do all the research for the commanders like the enemy territory and all. And based on that research a commander finalizes his decision. Some functions of this job are human intelligence, signal intelligence, geospatial and imaginary intelligence. so all these are the duty of a military intelligence officer.

Military engineer

This job involves the handling and designing and making of the equipment. And infrastructure for the military. Sometimes the military needs a temporary camp to stay for a month. Hence an engineer must design and build a safe palace for the military within a limited time.

Departmental work

So the military has different departments. And every department needs workers. Here are some of the most common yet popular debarments of the military. Here you do not have to worry about the training and more.

  • Health department
  • Education Department
  • Home security department
  • Department of Labor

All these departments give vacancies from time to time. And they have different eligibility criteria for different hos. If you can fulfill those criteria then you can apply for all these jobs.

How many jobs are available in the military/government/technical sector?

Talking about this sector independently. There are currently more than 3.5 million jobs available in this sector. And this number will increase in the coming years. Because the military is one of that sectors then can never go into downfall. This sector will only increase. And this sector is governed by the government. So they have the highest job security. Unless you have done something wrong. 

If you will look for a specific job theme the number will be less. High-paying jobs and commander-level jobs need experience and education as well. So if you want to get a high-level job then you have to never be in the military for some time. Because the rank increases with service and experience.

The annual salary in the jobs of military/government/technical sector

This sector has a different salary structure. Here you will get the salary according to your work and your rank. The annual average salary ehr is $95,000. This number is not fixed. It will increase and decrease according to your job. But job security is more than any other sector here.

So this sector gives a salary on a monthly bases and you can earn it by doing overtime as well. However, the number of holidays is fixed in the military service.

Some entry-level jobs that pay well

Some entry-level jobs in this sector pay well. If you get these jobs then you will be able to get a good salary. And some of the jobs just need experience. However, the salary is based on the risk involved in the service. If it is a normal job then the salary will be average. But if the job requires some extraordinary work then the salary will be good. Here is the list of such entry-level jobs.

These jobs require some experience and some do need a special skill. But they can train you for the job. So you will not find any difficulty in testing the work done.


In conclusion, Here is everything that you need to know about how many jobs are available in the military/government/technical. This is among the safest sector to work in in terms of job security. So once you enter here you will never have a job insecurity.

The salary in almost every field is good. You can get a promotion based on your experience and work here. More and more people are joining military services these days. This guide will help you in directing for a job in this sector. 

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