How Many Jobs Are Available In Packaged Foods?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Packaged Foods

In this article all you need to know about how many jobs are available in packaged foods department. Here is the job availability in the food processing sector and the number of jobs will increase in this sector. So you have the most job security here along with some other benefits.

How many jobs are available in the packaged foods sector?

As a matter of fact, Packed foods are the new trend these days. The food in the packets is not safe but it has a long shelf life and also it is very easy to carry around. Many food companies want to deliver quality products to their customers. So they pack their food in expensive packages and make them look attractive. So the packaging industry in food is very large. And it is growing dramatically in the past few years.

Some people think that packaged foods are more healthy because they remain out of touch while moving from one place to another. It is true to some extent. Some brands earn their revenue only because of the attractive packaging.

Why does packaging matters to a food brand?

The packaging of any food item is directly proportional to its sale. So the more attractive the packaging is, the more attractive the profit will be. Some food items need more shelf life so those food products need to be packed with some preservative gases. Hence we have to fill some gases inside the packages and all. Of course, when comes to food packaging every brand that has different kind of criteria. Most of the time the packaging is related to the brand sale. So, a brand spends most of its time in packaging. And you will see that the food packaging changes very often. It is just to attract customers towards them. Lets see how many number of jobs are available in packaged foods sector.

Job availability in the packaged foods industry

Food’s job in the packaging industry is beyond your thinking. One can think that it is just the packaging work. But this sector has the most amount of jobs. And according to the survey from the bureau of Labour statics, the number of jobs in this packaged foods sector will increase in the coming years. Currently, this sector has more than 7 million jobs and the number is increasing. So, there are a lot of careers in the packaged food industry. And the best thing is that you do not need certain educational qualifications to work in this sector. There are only a few jobs that need specific education.

Common jobs in the packaged food industry

Some of the common but good-paying jobs in this industry are as follows:

1) Quality control inspector-

You have to deal with the quality of the products. You have to check every batch of the product. And ensure that the correct raw material is used in making the packaging and the food is properly packed. All these things will be handled by the quality control inspector.

2) Production supervisor-

All you have to do in this job is supervise everyone. make sure that everyone is doing their job properly and that there is no resistance in the manufacturing process. You have to report to your senior if you will find a slight discomfort in the manufacturing process.

3) Refrigerator technician-

This is the one kind of jobs are available in packaged foods industry. Large tanks like refrigerators are used to store the food before packaging. These refrigerators are very big and hold a large number of food batches. If any of the refrigerators are damaged then it can damage the whole food. So you will be in charge of ensuring that the refrigerators work properly. You should have a degree in engineering to do this work.

4) Food scientist-

The food composition including the flavors and the preservatives plays a great role in the food taste. So a food scientist makes sure that food has everything and still the taste of the food remains the same. So food scientists prepare the food batches by decking the quantity of the components in it.

5) Food safety manager-

The food safety manager ensures that the food is packed properly by keeping all the safety measures in mind. This safety measure should be done in both making and packaging. Hence a food safety manager is the important key in food processing and packaging.

All these jobs are very important and have a good salary structure. Your previous work experience will matter here a lot and the more experience you have packaged food industry then more your salary will be. Also, you should have good communication skills to manage all the work.

The average salary in the packaged food industry

The salary here depends on a lot of other factors. Hence you can give a number t the salary. If you have experience of working then you will have a more salary. If you are working for the high post job or in an office job then you will receive more salary. So different packaged foods jobs will have different salaries here. The average salary in this sector here is $80,000. And the chances of promotion and a salary raise are very high here. The salary here increases according to your work strength. Along with the salary benefits there are other benefits too. Like job security and paid leaves. So, this industry is perfect for those who want to have the best job security with a good salary structure.

Future of the packaged food industry

The future of this industry is quite vast. The number of jobs are available is increasing day by day and the salary structure of the jobs is increasing. All this depicts that this industry is growing very rapidly. Food packaging decides the brand sale. So every brand focuses more on the packaging. Once they hire the best persons for packaging management. This is the reason for the salary raise in this sector. Most of the jobs here are office jobs. So, you do not have to work in the field for your job. All you have to do is sit in your office and work.

Tips to get a job in the food packaging sector

You need to have a diploma from high school and a degree in any food processing course. You can even choose a 2-year diploma in food processing courses. But after that, you need to have an internship to do. Also with this if you could arrange a recommendation letter and the experience letter. Then, you will get a high-rank job with a good salary. You can easily find the job on the company’s website or LinkedIn. If you have a specific company in mind then you should regularly check their website. These days companies post vacancies on their websites. Otherwise, LinkedIn is the best place to find a job in the food processing industry. All you have to prepare is a good resume. And post that below the job requirement.

If the company will be interested in your resume then they will contact you via email or some other source. You can also visit the companies headquarter to check the job availability.


In conclusion, here is how many jobs are available in the packaged food industry. The number of jobs is increasing in this food industry sector, so you will see more jobs in the coming years. If you are a beginner then you can try to work here. Because even entry-level jobs have good salaries. All the necessary information that you need is mentioned here. So you do not have to look here and therefore the information.

Every job requirement information is mention here. Make sure that you give it a good read if food processing is your desired sector to work. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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