How many jobs are available in major pharmaceuticals?

How many jobs are available in major pharmaceuticals

Are you looking job in the pharmaceuticals industry and want to know how many jobs are available in major pharmaceuticals? Here is the ultimate guide to getting a job in a pharmaceutical company. Currently, more than 54,000 jobs are available in the industry. Make sure you get the right qualification to work in this field.

Job opportunities in major pharmaceuticals

I think that working in the pharmaceutical industry is one of the best career choices that you can make. Discovering new vaccines and medicines, doing medical coding, and running your medical store are some common things that you can do after receiving a pharmacy degree. Big pharma companies take students from the college directly via placements. Hence the chances of getting a job are very high in this sector. You will start earning right after completing college.

You can reach the highest paying salary within a few years here. If you can discover a vaccine then you will get promoted very easily. So, here is the guide on how to get a job here and how many jobs are available in major pharmaceuticals.

Types of jobs in the pharmaceuticals industry

Types of jobs in the pharmaceuticals industry

There are many different types of jobs in this field in the pharmaceutical sector. If you want to find a job here then the variety of jobs is very high. Approximately 3 to 4% of pharmaceutical jobs will be created in the next few years, according to the bureau of labor statistics. Here are some common jobs that you can find very easily in the pharmaceutical sector.

  • Medical coder
  • Clinical research coordinator
  • Sales representative
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing quality assurance

These are some common and good-paying jobs in this field. Many jobs are available in the pharmaceuticals industry so you no need to worry about the future. If you have good grades and good communication skills then you will get the job directly from the college. If you achieve a doctorate in pharmacy then you will be posted at the head of any research team. The big pharma company will take you as soon as you complete your degree.

The average salary in the pharmaceutical industry

Despite the important role and high education. Still, the big pharma companies do not pay very well here. If you’re going for an office job in a pharmaceutical company then there are chances that your salary will be low. However, If you work in the research field then the chances to get a high salary are more. Talking about the average salary of a low-post person in pharmaceuticals is $91,000. If you are in a high-rank position then you will receive an average annual salary of $164,000. This is the national average salary in the pharmaceutical industry.

However, many factors determine the salary in major pharmaceutical companies. Your educational qualification, your rank, and your internship. Hence fixing a salary in this field is not easy. Because it depends on many factors.

Want to know how many jobs are available in major pharmaceuticals?

Want to knJobs availability in major pharmaceuticals

Despite everything, the competition in pharmaceuticals is very high. If you are applying for a high-rank job then you will face very high competition. Because these jobs are very respected and demanded. However, the total number of jobs does not define the competition and the availability in a particular rank here. So, the available job number will depend on the post that you’re applying for.

Currently, there are more than 54,000 jobs available in the major pharmaceutical industry.

Educational qualification requirements for the major pharmaceuticals

These fields require knowledge to work. If you have not studied then you cannot work here. Hence you have to study and have some good qualifications. If you have a bachelor’s degree then you’re eligible to get the job. But if you have done the master’s and the doctorate then the chances to get the job increase. With all these degrees an internship for more than one year is required. So make sure that you do your internship at a good company. So that your resume looks attractive and they carry the name of some major companies. Try to improve your communication skills to work here. You have to use the basic terminology to work here. Hence make sure you study well.

Highest paying jobs in the pharmaceuticals industry

Highest paying jobs in the pharmaceuticals industry

There are some high-paying jobs are available in this major pharmaceuticals sector. Here are these jobs. But remember the competition in these jobs is very high too. So apply only after knowing this. If you have good grades and you have more than 4 to 5 years of experience then your chances to get the job increase.

The jobs are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical finance analyst
  • Clinical research
  • Medical store owner
  • Program Manager
  • Pharmacist
  • Sales manager
  • Research head

These jobs are very good and the chances of promotion are very high in this field. You can get a promotion here can take up to a year. If you open your medical store then you will receive the highest profit. Because medicine is one of these fields where most of the benefits have been earned. An interview is a necessary part of getting a job in this field. So prepare for the interview well. Know everything in your field. Try to answer all the questions confidently. And no one will stop you from getting the job.

Future of the pharmaceutical industry

If you are looking for an entry-level job in this field then go for it. Because this field is going to increase in the coming years. So chances are there that the salary and the job availability will increase in this field too. Of course, It is a good idea to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals. The beauty in the pharma industry is jobs are available always.

New diseases are taking over the world these days. So there is an urgent need to develop new vaccines and medicines. Hence there is a need for more researchers and pharmacists. So eventually there are chances of growing this field.

If you want to enter this sector then come without hesitation. Future security is high here. And you can get a job right after college. All you need to do is work on your studies a little. Select some reputed colleges for your studies. So that the chances of placement increased for you.


In conclusion, major pharmaceuticals offer jobs at high ranks. But you need to have the right qualification and talent for that. Here is the complete guide to getting a job in a pharmaceutical company. This includes the number of jobs available, education qualifications requirements, salary, and how to get the job.

There are high chances of job security in this field. So if you want to come here, then come without hesitation. This guide will help you to get the desired job. The job of pharmacist is one of the most prestigious jobs in the world. In recent years, pharmacists have found themselves in greater demand than ever before. So make this field your career. Hope you will find this helpful.


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