How Many Jobs Are Available In Integrated Oil Companies?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Integrated Oil Companies

Integrated oil companies deal with different sections of the oil and gas industry. There are two types of oil companies one is integrated and the other is independent. Independent oil companies have limited work. Hence there are limited job opportunities. While the integrated oil companies deal with all aspects of oil refining and more. So here is how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies. This sector has more jobs than you could even think.

The work in this sector is risk-taking. When you will not only get the job here. But you will also get some other extra benefits along with the job. That’s why people love to work in this sector. Here is more about this sector.

What are integrated oil companies?

Integrated oil companies are those that deal with the different sectors or oil inning. They cover all aspects from finding and refining the oil. Here are some basic works that are done by this sector. 

  • Oil inning
  • Oil refining
  • Sale
  • Involvement in upstream and downstream of products

It means that an open company does all the work. And they cover all the sectors by themselves. While independent oil companies only work with one particular sector. And this sector will be of their choice.

Future of integrated oil companies

Integrated oil companies are one of the most profitable sectors. This sector is n demand since 1990. And the more you look into this sector the more it will amaze you. Because this sector gets its raw product and then makes a useful out of it. Hence the making price is much less than the selling price. Which gives this sector great revenue.  Even if you’re getting an entry-level job here. You will earn a much better profit than any other sector.

In the coming years, the demand for this sector will increase. Because the consumption of fuel is increasing in the world. And these days every integrate doil company is making more profit than the shares market. Hence it is a safe and secure sector to work with. 

How many current jobs are available in integrated oil companies?

According to the Bureau of Labor statics, the current number of jobs in this integrated oil sector is 106,000. And this number is not fixed. It will increase in the coming years. However, if you will look for a specific job then this number can be low. Because not every job needs the same criteria.

So higher rank jobs need a specific degree and certain experience. While low-paying jobs have different criteria. You will see more cooperation in higher rak jobs. Because the number of availability of these jobs are less. 

Best integrated oil companies to work with

Here is a list of some top-rank integrated oil companies that you can choose from. These are the best in their work. And Currently, they are in demand in the market. If you can get a job in these companies then the future will be secure. Because the retention rate of the companies is very high.

The list of the best oil-integrated companies is as follows:

  • Chevron
  • Marathon Petroleum
  • Devon Energy
  • Western gas partners LP
  • Kinder morgan

All these are the top ranking in this sector these days. You can apply for these by going to their head office or through their websites.

Highest paying jobs available in integrated oil companies

Here are some different types of jobs that are available in this sector. These jobs pay according to the work that you can do here. Most of the job here comes with a fixed schedule. Hence you have to work for six hours in most of the jobs.

Oil and gas process technician

The main work in this job is to check if the right techniques are used in extracting the gas and oil. You have to work in the field of this. And have to keep an eye on the work.

Oil firefighter

While extracting the oil from the earth. The container and other stuff catch fire. The work of the fire daughter is to keep everything safe. They have a very hard work. But they get health and life insurance along with this job. So these are some additional benefits that they get with their job.

Petroleum geologists

The main work of this job is to find the oil reserve and plan the whole extraction process. You have to give a rough idea about the whole process. And later the process will execute in the same way.


In conclusion, here is how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies. This sector is growing at a huge speed. And the future is secure in this sector. Once you entered this sector you will no longer seek other jobs. Because even theory-level jobs there are good paying.

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