How Many Jobs Are Available In Commercial Banks?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Commercial Banks

Commercial banks have thousands of vacancies right now. You can easily get a high-rank job here if you have the right degree and experience. Read below to know more bout the job requirements.

Availability of jobs in commercial banks

Availability of jobs in commercial banks

Commercial banks come under financial institutions. These institutions are made for profit purposes. These banks provide loan applications to big industrialists. Hence they generate profit for both their customers and themselves. In addition, You can also open a savings account here. All the commercial banks are a big source of providing jobs. Various types of jobs are available in a commercial bank. Even an entry-level position pays well. Currently, more than 1 million workers are working in the commercial banks of the US.

You may wonder how many jobs are available in commercial banks now. Here is the complete guide to getting a job in a commercial bank.

Type of job in commercial bank

Type of job in commercial bank

Even a commercial bank has many segments. Each segment requires a different skill. Hence you will see a variety of jobs here. Available jobs in the commercial bank are as follows:

  • Bank teller
  • Credit analyst
  • Loan Officer
  • Bank manager
  • Asset manager
  • Budget analyst

Among all these jobs branch managers are responsible to handle a whole bank branch. He deals with all kinds of stuff that the bank has to go through. Hence you can say that in a bank the bank manager is the head.

Requirements for job in commercial banks

It is important to note that the commercial banking industry offers a wide range of jobs to choose from. To work in a bank you should have a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in accounts along with the experience letter. You should also have good communication skills because your job highly resembles customer service. So you will interact with hundreds of people daily.

A bank offers jobs based on all the above-mentioned criteria. Try to prepare yourself before going for the interview.

Salary of a commercial bank worker

The salary here is based on your job rank and the experience that you have. The more the rank and experience the more will be your salary. However, if you have very little experience and the job rank is low then the salary will be comparatively low. On average, the annual salary of a commercial bank worker is $75,000. However, this salary also depends from bank to bank and the banking jobs.

How Many Jobs Are Currently Available In Commercial Banks

There are thousands of jobs available in commercial banks now.

But for you, the number of jobs depends on your selection of jobs. It may increase, it may decrease based on the rank that you have selected and the experience that you have. If you are good at your work then you might not face much competition. But in the higher rank job, there is competition. However, in the lower rank jobs, you can get the job easily but the job security is minimal there. A permanent job is only available at the higher level.

Stages of selection for commercial bank

Stages of selection for commercial bank

The selection process is just like the other job selection process. so the process here is divided into three stages:

  • Screening
  • Interview
  • Hiring

In the first step, they will judge you on the basis of your experience and your graduation marks and all. So you will have to submit all the documents there. Remember you will receive marks on every stage. And in the end, whoever will have the highest marks from the collective three stages will get the job.

At this stage, they will take your interview. The postmarks that you can collect are in this stage. All you need to do is impress them.

The last stage is called the hiring stage. Because here you will receive your joining letter. In this stage, they eliminate the competition. And only choose those who are completely for this job. So the crucial event among all three is the second stage.


In conclusion, there are plenty of jobs available in the commercial bank. Millions of workers are currently working there. The jobs may not increase in the future but this sector gives the highest job security. The salary here is also very good. Here is everything that you need to know about getting a job in a commercial bank. You can look for the job availability on the online website of a bank.

They mention everything regarding job eligibility. So you can go through all the websites for more job information.

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