How Many Jobs Are Available In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores

Of course, Over 1 million jobs are available in the clothing/shoe/accessory stores. This sector is growing with time. And will continue to grow in the future. Here is the ultimate guide on how to get a job in this field.

Want To Know How Many Jobs Are Available In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores?

Count How Many Jobs Are Available In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores

You will be surprised to know that working in a clothing shoe accessory store is quite beneficial. This industry is growing very much. It is not important that you should have a fashion design degree or should have acknowledged the fashion industry. Because once you will start working there you will automatically learn this thing just by looking at people. In terms of turnover, these stores have the highest turnover rate of all industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And despite the presence of all these online brand stores these stores restores. It means that people like to shop more from these clothing shoes and accessories stores.

More concern is seen in the clothing store. People like to buy clothes from the department store once looking and trying them on. This is the only way to see the quality of the cloth. Hence people buy more offline than online.

Now one can wonder how many jobs are available in clothing/shoe/accessory stores. Well here is the ultimate guide for you to get a job in this field. Make sure you stick to the very end to get all the information.

The requirement to start working at the store

Requiremtn fpr starting working for store

First of all, It matters what the store sells. If it is a clothing store then the requirements will be different from the shoe store.  But there are some common requirements that every store owner wants. These are as follows:

Strong Customer Service Skills-

You will deal with many different people. Some may be good and some might be very rude to you. But you have to keep the same emotion toward every customer. The only way to do this is to have good communication skills.

Communication Skills-

There is some job that will allow you to manage the entire store. In that case, you should have very good communication skills. So that you can easily deal with all the customers and the staff as well.

  • Pattern Making
  • Merchandising
  • Other retail-related tasks

These are some common skills that you will learn with time. Once you will start working there these skills will become strong and strong. So do not worry much about these. For the start, just focus on customer service and communication skills.

Types of available jobs in clothing/shoe/accessory stores

Working in a clothing store is easy. But do you know what type of jobs are available in this field? Some people will only think about the sales on here. But that is not true. There are some high-paying jobs in clothing stores as well. These jobs pay just like any other sector big company. It’s just that the work here is quite different from others. These  jobs are as follows:

  • Assistant store manager
  • Store manager
  • Sales associate
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Buyer

This job pays according to the work. You will need to give interviews and all to get these jobs. The competition in this sector is low. It is because people have misunderstood that working in clothing/shoes,/accessory stores is not a good career path. And also not everyone can deal with daily customers. Hence working in these stores is a good career option. However, the job security is low here. Because the job mainly depends on the brand popularity and the store’s average annual profit. if the brand is going into a loss then they will likely close the store.

Highest paying jobs in the clothing, shoe, and accessory stores

Highest paying jobs in the clothing, shoe, and accessory stores

If you are willing to start working in clothing shoes and accessory stores then look at these high-paying job lists. You can choose these as a career option. Because there are very few jobs in clothing shoe stores that pay off well. Hence there is not much competition because many people do not even know that these jobs exist.

1) Sales representative- This person is responsible for the sales of the items in the store. The average salary here is $95,000.

2) Designated retailer- This person makes sure that every product in the store meets the brand requirements. Hence he eliminates the defective pieces from the store. The average annual salary here is $92,000.

3) The store manager- The one who handles the whole store but he is not the owner of this store is known as the store manager. This is the highest paying job in this sector. The average annual salary is above one lakh dollars.

4) Sales associates- These work on a hurley basis. The most common salary is $11 per hour. These are responsible for selling merchandise to the customers in the store.

5) Stoker- Stoker is also an hourly paid working job. The main work of these is to stock the products on the shelf. Or at the online store hub. You can work at multiple stores at the same time here. It is also because this job pays well but the job security is minimal.

Total Number of jobs available in clothes, shoes, and accessory stores

Total Number of jobs available in clothes, shoes, and accessory stores

So the important question is how many jobs are available in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores?

Over 1 million job vacancies are there in this particular sector.

By the number of vacancies, you can imagine how big this sector is. These many jobs are only available in some big sectors only. These jobs are increasing in the future. Hence this sector alone has more potential than any other sector. The number of jobs also depends on many factors like job rank and experience and qualification. If all three factors fall on your side then you will surely get a high-paying and secure job. The ideal match will be a high-rank job with a fashion degree and more than 3 to 4 years of experience. Along with these wif you improve your communication skills then it will suit you best.

So try to have all this before applying for any job in the field. However, there is a job in sales that does not even require an educational qualification. Just your experience will matter there.

How to apply for the clothing, shoe, and accessory stores job?

There are plenty of ways that you can use to apply for a  job in this field. First of all, you will need to find the job requirement. You can search the store website or go through LinkedIn. You will see many jobs there that will fall under your category. So you can either apply via LinkedIn. Or you can also visit the store site. Here you have to fill out an application form. Your resume will be in all these cases. So prepare an attractive resume.

Another thing that you can do is to visit the store in person. If you can check the job requirement then you can also visit the store directly. This will be more effective because they will be able to interact with you more.

What is the future of this fashion industry?

This industry will grow in the upcoming years. Although there are more online shopping stores that still people trust when they see the product with their eyes. So, there is nothing to worry about. Talking about the industry itself according to the surveys this industry will grow. However, the job security in this industry is not much. Job security highly depends on the brand reputation and sales. If you are working in an independent store then the job security is more.  But with brands, there is always insecurity about the job.


In conclusion, there are plenty of jobs are available in the clothing, shoe, and accessory stores. All you need to do is find the perfect store. The educational qualification masters only in the high-rank job here.  And that qualification is not necessarily related to the fashion industry. You will have some high-paying jobs here. You will apply to afford a luxurious life by doing these jobs. All the requirements and steps of getting a job in this sector are mentioned above. Hope you will find this helpful.

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