How many candy crush levels are there in total?

How many candy crush levels are there in total

The gaming Industry is booming, and new games are launched every day, attracting millions and millions of people worldwide. Today, the gaming industry has millions of followers and die-hard fans, and some games are ruling this industry. Doesn’t matter how many new games are launched; some are still everyone’s favourite. And when it comes to all-time favourite games, no game can touch the popularity of Candy Crush. But do you know how many Candy Crush levels there are in total? If not, this is the right place for you to learn about Candy Crush.

Of course, Whenever people hear the word Candy Crush, the first question that comes to their mind is how many levels there are overall in Candy Crush. Many people still believe the game is endless, but they are not fully right. Yes, the game is endless, but it has finite levels which increase every week. In simple words, the number of levels is countable, and one can’t call it infinite. So here we will discuss How many candy crush levels there are in total, including different stages.

It is undoubtedly candy crush is one of the most popular games of all time. It is a matching puzzle game suitable for a person of any age. The game was launched years ago on Facebook, but after seeing its huge popularity, the company has launched it on all platforms, including PC, iOS, Android devices and many more.

Types of levels in Candy Crush?

Candy Crush Saga Game

So before you know How many candy crush levels there are in total, you must learn the types of levels. Every Canday Crush stage or episode has hundreds and thousands of levels of different types. So firstly, learn about level types and then the number of levels in every stage. Below are the level types you will find in every version of Candy Crush.


It is the basic level type where you have to clear all jellies. Levels under this type are usually easy; however, as you go up, the level becomes hard.


This level type is a little bit difficult as, under this level type, you have to clear different ingredients. Here you have to put down all ingredients by clearing candies of the same colours. As the number of ingredients increases on board, the levels become difficult. 

Candy Order

When comparing other candy crush levels, here there are special candies to collect in this level type, which makes it more challenging. These candies are difficult to collect as the level increases. Also, you will get fewer moves under this level type.

Mixed Mode

Here you will find a variation because this level type is mixed of the upper two levels: jelly and ingredients. So here you have to clear all jellies and put down all ingredients. You will find such a level type at higher stages.

Rainbow Rapids

Rainbow Rapids is one of the rarest level types that you will find in higher episodes. In this level type, you have to collect rainbow candies by clearing the paths.

Between different level types, you will find some levels with no specific type, and you have to follow the instruction. You will find such levels throughout the game, which are usually very easy.

How many candy crush levels are there in every episode?

To be able to estimate precisely the number of candy crush levels that exist in total, we need to know the number of episodes that appear in the game. So all versions of the game have around 708 episodes in total. Whether you talk about amazon devices and Facebook versions or the windows 10 app version, a total of 708 episodes are there in Candy Crush.

The number of levels in every episode is not fixed, but on average, the most accurate number is 15. It means you will find around 15 levels on average. This number is the same for all platforms, including android ios amazon devices.

Total Number of Levels In Candy Crush

So here comes the article’s main topic: What is the total number of levels in Candy Crush? As of October 2022, the game has around 12600 levels with around 714 episodes. The Windows 10 app version has 90 levels more than the HTML 5 version. Now you can easily calculate How many candy crush levels there are in total on different platforms.

How many candy crush levels add up every week?

The company is very consistent in adding up new levels and episodes. So as per the company’s claims and King’s forums, three episodes and 45 levels are added to the game every week. The company updates the levels and episodes on Android, and iOS generally every Wednesday.

Wrapping Up

Overall you can say it’s an endless game with a countable number of levels. So the people who think there are no answers to how many candy crush levels there are will know that the game has a countable number of levels. Also, the company has revealed how many levels and episodes they add weekly to playing Candy Crush. Thus, estimating the total number of candy levels is a fairly simple and easy task.

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