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How Long To Rewire Brain From Addiction?

Here is how you can rewire the brain from drug addiction and how much time it takes. There are various factors that decide how much time you can rewire the brain. Although it is a lifelong process. So follow these tips to rewire the brain from drug addiction and some lifestyle changes that will lead to addiction removal.

How Long Does To Rewire The Brain From Addiction Effectively?

Addictive drugs like alcohol, marijuana, and all leave a huge impact on the brain. They attack the neurotransmitters of the brain and create changes in the neural pathways.

These work in certain areas of the brain and leave the long-term effect. Now all these abusive substances leave the brain addictive but you may have to think about how long to rewire the brain from addiction.

Honestly, this is a lifelong process. You have to go through various changes in your life and this process will run lifelong. But some specific parts of this process are very tough. We will talk more about the toughest brain rewiring time and how you can go through that.

Brain Areas That Are Affected More By The Addiction To Substance Abuse

Brain Areas That Are Affected More By The Addiction To Substance Abuse

The human brain adapts to things a lot easier than other brains. But certain areas of the brain are affected by these drugs. Here is a detailed explanation of these areas. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and it also helps in the release of adrenaline.

Adrenaline gives the feeling of pleasure. So these drugs and alcohol affect dopamine secretion. And hence more dopamine release in the brain. When you depend on these drugs for too long then the high dopamine level in the brain becomes normal for you.

And hence your urge to drink more and more alcohol. Most brain scans have shown a change in brain structure as they did not get enough alcohol. This is the hardest part of the brain rewiring. Most people stop trying after some time. it is not impossible to rewire the brain.

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Effective Tips To Rewire The Brain

Here are some tips that are given by the medical professional to rewire the brain from addiction. If the addiction continues, it can lead to serious life-threatening diseases like cancer and all. So here are some useful tips to rewire the brain.

Effective Tips To Rewire The Brain

Try To Replace

During the early stage of the rewiring. If you will completely remove the stimulus then the person can face some serious withdrawal symptoms. Like acting weird and angry and getting caught by fever and all. So to avoid these symptoms try to replace the addiction with something else.

The person becomes addicted to cigarettes and then replaces the cigarettes with vapes. This way the brain will have its new stimuli and after some time the old addiction will be removed. Also, make sure that replaced stimuli are not harmful to the body.

Keep Yourself Busy

The prefrontal cortex is the main part of the brain that helps us with problem-solving and decision-making. So this is the part of the brain that tells the person to drink alcohol. But if you keep the prefrontal cortex busy then it will think about the addiction.

This works best for the new addiction. The prefrontal cortex matures after the age of 25. So till then, the brain has a high chance of addiction. Keep this part of the brain busy by giving some challenges like maths problems and all.

Use Natural Dopamine

It is well known that these addictive substances increase the level of dopamine. But there are other things too that increase dopamine. If something good happens in the past and you try to remember that event now then your brain will release the dopamine itself.

So instead of using this addictive substance use your memory to release dopamine. And you will see the change in yourself after practising it for some time.

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Time Required To Rewire The Brain

Time Required To Rewire The Brain

The time of rewiring depends on many factors. These factors decide when the brain will be fully recovered from the addiction. These factors are as follows:

  • Duration of the addiction.
  • Type of addiction.
  • dedication of the person to come out of the addiction.
  • The severity of the doses of addictive substances.

All these are the main factors that play a role in the rewiring of the brain. After examining these factors we can decide how much time that peon can take to rewire the brain. However, this process runs lifelong but on general bases. The first month of brain rewiring is the hardest.

So the pron needs extra care and support during this time. Because there is a high chance of the prolapse of the willpower of the addictive person. So make sure that you give them enough support.

Lifestyle Change That Can Lead To Brain Rewiring

Here are some simple yet effective lifestyle changes that can help in brain rewiring. Try to add these to your lifestyle. And you will see the long-term effects of these changes.

  • Always eat healthily. Start with one time a day and then gradually increase the time. The more you eat healthy the more your body will function well.
  • Go on an early morning walk every day. The walk will help you to calm your mind and your brain will become more relaxed.
  • Practice mediation. You can practice meditation 3 times a week in the beginning and then you can increase the time. First start with only 5 minutes a day and then you can increase the time. Meditation helps you to clear out your brain and it promotes brain rewiring.
  • Avoid situations where you have the external pressure to drink. If you will avoid those situations then your 60% addiction will be removed automatically. Because most of the time the addiction comes from peer pressure. So avoid such types of gatherings.


In conclusion, here is how much time your brain needs to rewire. And how you can rewire the brain. Rewiring is not an easy process if the addiction is for too long. But if you have strong dedication power then you can do this. Make sure that you add a lot of these lifestyle changes to your life.

You might not see the effect of these changes immediately. But after a year or so you will notice changes in yourself. Rewiring itself is not an easy process and it requires patience. Hope you all will find how long to rewire brain from addiction and these helpful.

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