How Long To Let The Engine Cool Before Adding Oil?

How Long To Let The Engine Cool Before Adding Oil

Adding oil to a hot engine can do serious damage to your car. You might not see the damage instantly. Nut slowly damages the engine. Here is the guide for how long to let the engine cool before adding oil. If you are someone who loves to take care of your car then this guide is for you. Because taking care of your engine is more important.

And it ensures the longevity of your car as well. Remember you only need to add oil to your car once you see the oil sign. Because this indicates that you need to fill the oil. Replacing the oil from the engine once in a while is also a very good idea.

Disadvantages Of Adding Oil To The Hot Engine

Her are some disadvantages that you will face if you add oil to a hot engine. If you want to avoid all that then you have to wait for the engine to cool down.

The list of possible disadvantages is as follows:

  1. The risk of burns increases.
  2. You will not get an accurate oil reading. Because the oil loss happens in the hot engine.
  3. Due to the temperature of the engine, the oil will expel here and there. And hence damage the other component of the car.
  4. The consumption of oil increases in the hot engine. Hence it will drain the oil tank frequently.

How Long Should Wait To Let The Engine Cool Before Adding Oil?

It takes about 30 minutes to cool down the car engine. If you’re using the big cars then it may take some more time. The cooling time of every engine is different. It depends on a lot of factors. Like the car model, the total distance is covered by the engine, the speed of the car, and the engine type.

All these things collectively decide the engine cooling time. But if we talk about a standard time then you should wait at least 30 minutes before adding oil to your tank.

Importance Of Having Enough Oil In Your Vehicle

Having enough oil in your engine is very necessary. If you will drive your car for long on low oil then it can cause some serious damage. So you should regularly check your car dashboard or the oil indication. So don’t allow it to ruin an engine and drive your car for no oil.

Even if you are not going on long drives still try to keep enough oil in your tank. So that the engine does not have to face unnecessary load.

Here are some benefits of keeping enough oil in your vehicle tank.

  1. Oil helps in lubricating the different engine components. Which intern helps the engine for a smooth drive.
  2. Oil is the main component of mandating the engine temperature. It helps in reducing unnecessary engine temperature. Hence ensure the engine’s long life.
  3. If you want the interior of your car engine to be cleaned then make sure that you keep enough oil in the engine.  Because it is not possible to open the engine again and again just to clean it. Oil helps in the interior part cleaning.

Can You Add Oil To The Hot Engine?

Yes, you can. Most people do this.  If you’re going somewhere then you have to drive the car to the Petrol pump. And in that driving it is obvious that the engine will become hot. But the advice to avoid adding engine oil in hot engines is for the extreme temperature.

If you have driven your car for too long then the engine will be super hot. Avoid adding oil in that situation. But if you’re using the car regularly then you can add oil in the engine while going to work. or while using the car for short distances.


In conclusion, here is how long to let the engine cool before adding oil. You have to wait for at least 30 to 20 minutes before cooling your engine down. Old engines took more time to cool down. While the new engines can cool down very easily.

The type of oil that you are using in your car affects the engine cooling time as well. This guide will help you in understanding the importance of cooling the engine before adding oil.

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