How Long Does It Take To Pull a Tooth – Quick Answer

How Long Does It Take To Pull a Tooth

How long does it take to pull a tooth?” is a very common question that concerns many people who are waiting for their next extraction appointment. Usually, the time required for an extraction depends upon various factors. Such as the time taken for the extraction, the type of tooth, and other medical issues of the patient.

Understanding the process and time estimation is very important to make your extraction appointment smooth and ease your tension.

How Long Does It Take To Pull a Tooth?

How Long Does It Take To Pull a Tooth

A simple extraction, including the anesthesia time, will take about 30 to 40 minutes. On the other hand, a surgical extraction takes less than 40 minutes or more than an hour. There are two types of extraction: simple extraction and surgical extraction. Depending on the type of tooth extraction, the time can vary.

What Is a Simple Extraction of the Tooth?

In a simple extraction, the dentist will remove the unbroken teeth and mild tooth decay, which is visible and easily accessible. It is easier to luxate and elevate an unbroken tooth than a broken, chipped, or cracked one. Anesthesia is given and after it starts working, the tooth is removed with the help of a forceps or an elevator.

What Is Surgical Removal Of the Tooth?

A surgical extraction is a complex procedure that is done when the tooth is placed below the gum line, is impacted, broken, or in inaccessible areas, and is removed surgically.

During a surgical extraction, the dentist will inject anesthesia to numb the area and remove a small portion of bone or tissue from the area surrounding the tooth to remove the tooth completely. 

Depending on the type of tooth pulled, the time can vary. For example, a multirooted tooth and the position of the tooth. When a tooth cannot be easily accessed or removed by simple extraction, the tooth is removed surgically. Surgical extraction is a complex procedure.

Surgical extraction is done in the following cases:

  • Fractured teeth.
  • Dense jawbone.
  • Impacted tooth.
  • Failed root canal-treated teeth.

How Long Does a Simple Extraction Take?

On average, a simple extraction takes about 30 to 40 minutes. The dentist will require 5 to 10 minutes for medical history, X-ray interpretation, and administering local anesthesia to numb. The dentist will try to luxate the tooth with the help of elevators, which will take around 5 to 10 minutes.

When the tooth is sufficiently luxated, it is removed with the help of forceps. Usually, normal extraction doesn’t require stitches or sutures. Then the dentist will wait for 10 minutes after tooth removal to check for any complications.

At the end, post-operative instructions are given to the patient for optimal oral health. So the time taken for a simple extraction can vary depending on the circumstances. The dentist will advise taking soft food for the next 24 hours for optimal healing.

How Long Does a Surgical Extraction Take?

In a surgical extraction, the dentist will remove a chipped, broken, or impacted tooth (tooth below the bone level) that is not easy to remove. The teeth that are commonly extracted surgically are wisdom teeth or third molars.

The dentist will require 10 minutes to take a medical history and administer local anesthesia. An incision is made to remove the surrounding gum tissue and bone and to expose the tooth.

This procedure will take around 20 to 30 minutes. The tooth will be removed after detaching it from the surrounding ligaments and bone. The time taken for this procedure depends upon the position of the tooth.

After removing the tooth, the area is sutured or stitched to stop bleeding, which will take 10 to 15 minutes. The patient is monitored for the next 15 minutes to avoid any unwanted complications. The time can vary and some additional time is required for other procedures and recovery.

If the dentist is extracting additional teeth, then it may take around 5 to 15 minutes.

Why Time Estimation Matters?

Estimating the time for extraction is very important because it helps to schedule the time for work, college, or school and the dentist must schedule their appointments accordingly.

Sometimes for a simple extraction, a half day is sufficient but if it is a surgical extraction, the patient will need an entire day of the extraction to relax before and after the procedure.

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