How Long Does It Take To Get A Crown?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Crown

Dental crowns are like a miracle for those who have damaged teeth. However, the process of getting a dental crown is not easy. Patients have to deal with a lot of stuff before getting this process done. The common question that arises in the mind of a patient is how long does it take to get how long does it take to get a crown? The answer to this problem can clarify many things for the patients.

There is not a single factor on which the dental crown receiving time depends. Several factors play a role in this. If you understand these factors then you will have no doubt why dental crown takes time.

So What Is The Answer For How Long Does It Take To Get A Crown?

The answer to this question changes with every patient. However, if we talk about an average time then it takes up to 3.5 hours. Now this time includes the placing of the dental crown, shaping, and then the final digital x-ray step. So if you are thinking about getting your dental crown then visit your dentist when you have plenty of time. However, this time isn’t fixed for every patient. Depending on your condition, this time can increase and decrease.

Factors Influencing The Time To Get A Crown

Now several factors can influence this time. Here is the list of those factors. So always consider these factors while deciding the time frame to get the dental crowns.

#1. The Condition Of Your Teeth

If you have only one dental crown to receive then the time will be less to get that crown. But if you will have more than one crown to get then the time frame for this will be slightly high. Also, dental crowns can not be received until you have a mouth infection, bleeding gums, or swelling. Treat these conditions first and then go to get the dental crown.

#2. Tooth Preparation

Here the dentist reshapes the tooth to create space for the crown. This process ensures a snug fit and natural appearance. The tooth preparation stage typically takes one visit, but in some cases, a temporary crown may be placed while the permanent one is being fabricated.

#3. Pre-Visits For Getting The Dental Crowns

The time that the dentist takes to examine your tooth condition takes time. You may have to do a few visits before getting into the actual procedure. So this consumes the time of the patients.


Now you have an idea of how long does it take to get a crown? You need to have patience to get the crown. If necessary the doctor might give you a temporary crown. This crown will placed on your tooth for one week only. And then based on the condition and the progress of the tooth the doctor will decide on the crown type, size, and all.

Dental crowns are the best solution for damaged tooths. It gives you a natural tooth-like appearance.

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