How Long Does Birkenstock Take To Ship?

How Long Does Birkenstock Take To Ship

Birkenstock is a theme name in the sandal industry. People are loving their collection since the 18s. And many people still love to wear Birkenstock on special occasions and daily wear. The best thing about this company is that they offer shipping also. No external sources ship their products. So the main question here is how long does Birkenstock take to ship?

They offer some unique kinds of shoes for both men and women and the answer to this question depends on many factors.

We will explain all the factors here and more about the delivery policy of this brand. If you are thinking about buying a pair of Birkenstock then read till the end for full information.

Factors Affecting The Shipping Time Of Birkenstock

Affecting The Shipping Time Of Birkenstock

The order ships very quickly by Birkenstock. But here are a few factors that can delay the delivery in your area and some of these factors are as follows:

  1. The area in which you love
  2. The time for placing the order
  3. The quantity of order
  4. Holidays  session

All these things can delay the delivery. If you have placed the order by Friday then your order will dispatch soon. But Birkenstock does not work on Saturday and Sunday.

They receive orders on Saturday and Sunday but they dispatch orders on Monday only. So make sure that you palace your order at midweek or the start of the week.

Delivery Time Of Birkenstock

The shipping method is very standard. And the delivery time depends on your remote location. If you live in the city area then you will receive your order within 3-5 days. And if you live somewhere outside the city in a rural area then you will receive the order within 7-8 days.

All the necessary precautions are taken while order processing. You will receive emails at several points before the delivery and even after delivery. So this is about how long does Birkenstock take to ship.

Time Is Taken By Birkenstock To Dispatch The Orders ( How Long Does Birkenstock Take To Ship)

Time Is Taken By Birkenstock To Dispatch The Orders

All the orders of the Birkenstock were dispatched in 24 hours. So in one business day, all the orders were dispatched. But if you have ordered on weekends then your order will dispatch on Monday. Also if you have palace the order in the holiday session then there is a high chase that your order will dispatch after the holidays.

So sometimes the time varies. You have to very careful about the time when you place the order. Because if you want quick delivery then you have to place the orders before the holiday session and before weekends. This is the only drawback of the shipping policy of Birkenstock.

Shipping Costs Of Birkenstock

If you palace the orders of quantity 7000 then there will be no shipping charges. But if you palace the order below this limit then the shipping charges will apply. On a order of prepaid below 7000 the shipping charges will be 199.

And on orders below 7000 but COD will charge a 299 delivery charge. And this fee will be non-refundable. So even if you send the order back you will not remove the delivery charges back. So make sure that you keep these things in mind and then place the order of your Birkenstock.


In conclusion, here is how long does Birkenstock take to ship. Their shipping policy is just like any other shipping service. They reach your location within 3-5 days. However, if you live in remote areas then the time can increase.

They offer premium products to their customers and there is no match for the quality of Birkenstock sandals with any other brand. Recently they have collaborated with Amazon. So you can order their products from Amazon as well.

But in that, amazon will deliver the order from their side and there will be a slight change in the delivery time and charges. You can reach their official website to order stuff directly from Birkenstock. 

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