How Long Does A Cop Have To File A Ticket?

How Long Does A Cop Have To File A Ticket

Being stopped by the Traffic Police is still one of the biggest nightmares for drivers, and if they have really broken some traffic rules, time for panicking starts. But How Long Does A Cop Have To File A Ticket? Now, in the US, there are very strict traffic rules, and the Police follow a systematic procedure in charging drivers. As soon as the Traffic Police stop a person, they will issue a ticket for a traffic violation.

Basically, it is a slightly complex process because a lot of factors, processes, laws and rules are involved. So let’s understand the whole process and find out how long does a cop have to file a ticket.

What Does A Traffic Ticket Mean?

Arizona Sample traffic ticket

A traffic ticket is basically a legal record that contains details about the traffic offence done by the driver. The city’s Traffic Police Department issues it when someone violates any traffic law. Sometimes a ticket is interchangeably used with traffic citations. Both citations and tickets are important documents that help the Traffic Department maintain the traffic rules violations done by every individual.

And most importantly such records directly impact insurance rates which can cause you serious trouble. Moreover, sometimes these offensives are considered crimes and instantly mark your presence in the criminal records.

How Long Does A Cop Have To File A Ticket?

How Long Does A Cop Have To File A Ticket

After an officer issues a ticket, he has to file it in court so that the person can pay it. Whenever you get a ticket, you will get all the details regarding the hearing, including the date, time and place. Though it’s the duty of the traffic enforcement officer to file the ticket within a given time frame, you should also be aware of your rights. Now coming to the time limit. The time limit for filing a ticket is not fixed and varies from state to city and even county.

On average, the Traffic Department must file the ticket within 7-15 days. However, there are many factors that impact the time frame, and some statutes of limitations are also involved. That’s why a ticket is filed immediately in some cases, and in some cases, the department may not file a ticket for up to a year. Yes, law enforcement officers have a maximum time limit of up to 1 year to file the ticket. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. You can raise your voice against delay in the ticket filling. Let’s understand what you can do.

What Should I Do If My Ticket Has Not Been Filed?

Getting a ticket from the Traffic Department is not a joyous thing. It makes the person nervous and disturbed until it gets solved completely. But to solve the ticket it must be filed. Now, what if the authorities have never filed the ticket? So, in case of extreme delay, a person bears a lot of headaches because it can directly impact their pocket and personal identity. So below are some ways you can solve this issue.

#1. Meeting With The Issuing Officer

Firstly, you can visit the Traffic Department and arrange a meeting with the issuing officer or concerned authorities. He will tell you the possible reasons behind the delay and also inform you about the current status of your ticket.

#2. Approach Court For Hearing

Approach Court For Hearing

You can also request a court hearing if the issuing officer and concerned officers do not respond adequately. Remember, the ticket has all the details regarding the hearing, and you can approach the traffic court. It will give you an edge over the case because you have evidence of timely attending the hearing.

#3. Consult An Attorney

If you are confused and don’t know what to do, you can consult a Traffic Law Attorney. He/she will suggest to you the best way to come out of this situation. He will also handle all the legal proceedings of your case. Lastly, the attorney will also suggest the best solution to solve the ticket.


Well, if you are issued with a traffic ticket, it’s obvious to wonder how long does a cop have to file a ticket. But firstly, you have to understand the offence you committed. If it is a small offence, the officer may give you a warning and leave you. On the other hand, in the case of criminal offences, the actions are more strict and immediate.

However, waiting at least 30 days after the ticket issuance is advised. The above article will help you find the answer to how long does a cop have to file a ticket and also suggest your best actions in case you are facing delays. Ultimately, the best advice is to follow all traffic rules, including non-moving ones.


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