How Long Do Jello Shots Last?

How Long Do Jello Shots Last

Jello shots are fun to eat. These are loved by adults. Most of the time shots are served as an appetizer at a party. So it is used to play some fun games at the party. Hence they are the fun starter in any game. But there is one question that arises here how long do jello shots last? You can easily prepare these at home. But for how long you will be able to use it in the future?

It is important to know because if you’re making these or buying them for a party then you should be aware of the shelf life. So that this jello remains good to eat till the party.

Basics About Jello Shots

Jello is a form of cocktail. It is made from vodka, mixed with lemon juice and the flavor and color of your choice. These come in small plastic containers. And are enjoyed at once. You can prepare these at home with simple ingredients as well.

If you’re preparing this at home then you will have all rights to select the quantity of shot in each pack. However, if you will purchase these from the market then you will get a 30ml quantity in one pack. This is the basic quantity of any jello.

Shelf Life (How Long Do Jello Shots Last)

The readymade jello shots have an expiry mention on them. But if you are preparing jello shots at home then they will be in good condition only for 4-5 days. So if you’re having apathy then make sure that you do not prepare the batch too early. When the shots start to lose their shape it means they are not good to eat now.

If you keep shots with proper care in the freezer then it will remain safe for 5 days. But if you keep them outside the freeze then they will not last for long when a day or two. So if you’re preparing the shots then you should be aware of the techniques of storing too. 

Tips To Store Jello Shots

These stores with proper care. If you store them with care then you can keep them for a maximum of 5 days. After that, the taste of jello starts to change and hence you have to get rid of them.

Here are some tips that you can use to store the jello.

  1. Try to store them in a container with no moisture. Make sure to dry the container before putting in shots. If there will any moisture then jello shots will degrade very easily.
  2. Stire jello shots in the cool and dry palace. The freezer is the best place to store these shots.
  3. Use an air-tight container for storing jello shots. Otherwise, these will catch moisture.
  4. Avoid storing them in a glass container. Make sure to use a plastic container for this purpose.

All these tips will help you in storing jello shots for 5 days. It is the maximum that you can store these shots. 

Signs That Shots Are Bad

These signs will help you in knowing that the jello shots are not edible now. Check these signs before you start eating the stored jello shots.

  1. If you are having a bad smell from the stored container then discard the container as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will create a foul smell in the whole freezer.
  2. These start to melt when they become inedible. So if you see any changes in the shape of these then you have to throw them away.
  3. Always check the expiry of packed jello shots. These have a very short shelf life. So if you are buying these from any store then make sure to check the expiry.
  4. Always remember the leftover shots are of no use. So if you have the leftover shots then you have to use them the same day. If you can not use them then you have to throw them away. Because there is nothing you can do with leftover jello.

In conclusion, here is about how long do jello shots last. This guide will help you in knowing more about the shelf life of jello shots.

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