How Long Do Cut Gums Take To Heal?

How Long Do Cut Gums Take To Heal

How Long Do Cut Gums Take To Heal?

Short Answer:- Cut gums usually take a few days to a few weeks to heal. However this cannot be approximated as the duration will definitely vary depending on the severity of the cuts and individual factors.

Cut gums are not easy to deal with. They pain a lot. And took some time to heal as well. If you have cut gums you might have been facing problems in chewing, eating and even drinking hot coffee and all. It is because the cut gums expose the deep parts of the skin and also it’s a very sensitive area. Also here is how long do cut gums take to heal. But knowing the basics about the healing process.

You can increase the healing process by doing your favorite things. All these things are very common to do. The healing process of gums depends on a lot of different factors. And it is different for every person. Here is more on this topic of cut gum healing.

Basics About Cut Gums

As a matter of fact, Cut gums can happen due to a lot of different reasons. Some common reasons are biting something hear, injury, or butting while chewing. All these factors can create cut gum. At the initial stage of the cut gums, the gums will appear red and swollen.

But when you use the right treatment first the swelling will go away. And then the redness will reduce. And at one point the colour will become similar to a healthy gum.

How Long Do Cut Gums Take To Heal?

Various factors play a role in the healing process and it is different for everyone. But if we take an average time off then you can help cut gum within 1 to 1.5 weeks. The factors can increase and decrease this time. So, it is not fixed for everyone.

But if you are having this even after this time then it might be because the cut gum has developed an infection. So in that case you have to visit the dentist as soon as possible. Untreated wounds in the mouth catch the infection very fast.

Factors Affecting the Healing Process Of Gums

There are a lot of different factors that play a role in the healing process.

Here is the list of those factors. So according to these factors, you will know why your cut gum is taking more time to heal.

  1. The more severe will be the injury the more time it will take to heal severe injuries should take treatment from a professional dentist.
  2. If you are a regular smoker then the healing process will be delayed in your case. Because the smoke can cause inflammation of your cut gums. And you will feel more pain and the healing time will be more too. 
  3. Maintaining oral hygiene can help in cutting gum healing. If you clean your teeth regularly, floss, and use all types of toothpaste then the cut gums will heal very fast. Because cut gums are an exposed area and if there is no hygiene then the gums will attract bacteria. And cause severe infection in the mouth.
  4. Your age directly affects the healing process. if you are about 60 then the healing process will take time. While if you are in your 20s then the healing will be fast.


In conclusion, Here is how long do cut gums take to heal. Generally, it takes a few weeks to heal the wound. But if it is a minimal cut then it will heal within a few days. The healing time depends on different factors.

These factors of gums can vary from person to person. So there is no fixed time limit for the cut gum healing. It takes less time to heal the younger people. You have to use proper medications and precautions in the healing time. 

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