How Long After An Abortion Can You Have Sex?

How Long After An Abortion Can You Have Sex

Abortion is seen as very normal during this period. Now it seems that more than one abortion is being done by people without any sense of guilt. It is the safest medical procedure and the complications are even less. It can be performed if there is any complication in the pregnancy. But the common question that arises after an abortion is how long after an abortion can you have sex.

Because after the abortion the couple try to conceive again. And the chances of conceiving also increase after abortion. Here is everything about him how you can recover after the abortion and more. 

Factors Affect Having Sex After Abortion

Two main factors need to be considered before making a physical relationship after your abortion. If you understand these factors by working on their factors, you can practise safe sex after an abortion. 

  1. Physical recovery
  2. Emotional readiness

Here is more about these factors

Physical Recovery

The physical recovery depends from person to person. Because after the abortion, the patient bleeds for a few days. Now the duration of the bleeding period will depend from person to person. 

Bleeding During Abortion: If you have an abortion in the first trimester, the bleeding is usually minimal. But in the second trimester when you try to abort, the bleeding will be a little heavy.

Also, the condition of the fetus at the time of abortion says a lot about the physical recovery. Although the procedure is under anesthetic conditions and there are many chances that the patient may feel pain in the vaginal area after the procedure. The intensity and duration of the pain also matter from person to person.

Emotional Readiness

An abortion can impact women emotionally a lot. We can’t easily predict how emotional a woman’s mood will be after an abortion. We cannot say how everyone’s mood will be after abortion. They differ from each other.

And when they forget this and return to normal life depends on their activities and thoughts! Some may feel ready to reconnect with their partners sooner, while others may need more time.

Communicating openly with a partner about feelings and concerns is essential during this time. It’s crucial to foster a supportive and understanding environment that allows for honest conversations about emotional well-being.

How Long To Wait After An Abortion Can You Have Sex?

Irrespective of the recovery of the patient and all. There is a safe time limit. That everyone should follow. This time limit is the safe zone. So please note that it is important that you consider your partner’s mood and physical condition at this time and that you should not have any physical contact during this period.

And after that depending upon the patient’s recovery and mood, you can decide about having sex. You have to avoid sex up to 2 weeks after the abortion. In this time the uterus and the vagina will have enough time to heal. And after that time if the bleeding stops and the person is feeling emotionally stable then you can try having another sex.

Preventions To Take While Having Sex After Abortion

Make sure to follow these preventive measures while having sex after an abortion.

  1. Avoid sex if the patient is bleeding.
  2. If any discomfort is felt during physical contact then visit your gynaecologist.
  3. Use protection if you do not want to conceive right after the abortion.
  4. Do not try new positions and experiment for your sexual pleasure. Because this might induce the bleeding from the uterus.


In conclusion, Here is the guide about how long after an abortion can you have sex. This guide will help you to know more about the sex after abortion. Some patients need time to heal emotionally after an abortion.

So wait until the person feels emotional stability do not force things. and help your partner to heal. Make sure that you take proper rest for the physical recovery. Avoid lifting any heavy objects after the abortions. Intake proper bed rest. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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