How is YNW Melly Still Making Music?

How is YNW Melly Still Making Music

YNW also known as Jamell Maurice Demons is a famous rapper. And known for his unique yet entertaining rap songs. He produces music that touches the heart of the audience. But in February 2019 he was incarcerated. So the question that arises here is how is ynw melly still making music? You can still hear some of his new releases.

Here is the guide that will help you in understanding this topic. People still love to hear his music. That is why he is still making music. He is not the only example of doing such things. There are many other artists in the past who created music from the jail.

For How Long Did YNW Melly Went in Jail?

He is the jail for a lifetime. And he went inside due to the two counts of first-degree murder charge. This case comes in the highlight when he murdered two companions in October 2018. Since then the case was going to court and finally, in November 2019 the court sentenced him to jail.

This was a huge shock for the music industry but he continued his music from the jail. And people still love and listening his music. Because that music has nothing to do with whatever he has done with his colleagues.

How YNW Melly is Creating Music?

Instead of being charged with two counts, the continued his music-making. Because according to him he did not hurt his colleagues by keeping murder on his mind. It was an accident.

And yet the court sends him to a life sentence. Here are some things that will help you understand how he is still producing music.

#1. Recording In Jail

The music industry works with a hell of assistants. YNW has many trustworthy assistants. That helps him record in jail. They bring all the necessary portable recording equipment to the jail.

And then he records his music. He has to person to bring the instruments in. and after going through checking and the can record the music.

#2. Strong Support

YNW has strong support from his family and friends. His daily is always ready to help him. And provide him with all the necessary things that he needs. Not only to record but to keep his vocals safe and good.

#2. Collaboration

Music collaboration is one of the most important things in an artist’s life. They have to collaborate with other celebrities to keep their music alive. And it helps them in learning something new as well.

In the case of YNW, he collaborates with other artists through video calls. In these calls, he writes music with them and even discusses the recording. This happens in the presence of other police officers.

#3. Recording Sessions

YNW has taken permission from the court to record the jail. He has created his mini recording studio there. But he can not record alone. He has to do this with tight security. He has permission but there is a fixed time to record the music.

All these things helped YNW to record his music. People look forward to his music. Social media is a great platform to communicate with fans. This team does this on his behalf. this is how is YNW Melly still making music.

New Release Of YNW Melly

YNW Melly has recently released a new album called “Just a Matter of Slime”. This album is gaining huge popularity. Because it contains most of his unreleased songs. People are loving the vibe of songs. Some people are confused about how he can still do this. While some are still criticizing. All and all his album is doing well.

His team is handling everything on his behalf. And they even inform them about the new release through his social media account. This way YNW is still keeping his music alive. While most of the artists lose hope after happening something like this. He is still going and fighting every day with all kinds of hardships.


In conclusion, here is how is ynw Melly still making music? This guide will help you understand how he records the music. He gives instructions to his team for the music and all. So all he has to do is record the music and then the rest is handled by his team. His team consists of his family and friends.

He is earning a lot for his family from jail. He is sentenced to a lifetime. So there is no chance that he wil come out soon. But his dedication to music continues. Hope you all will find this helpful. 

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