How I Came To Like My Male Friend- An Overview

How I Came To Like My Male Friend- An Overview

How I came to like my friend is a webtoon that is ongoing. The first release date was 2020. And still has many episodes left to remove. The last episode was released in June and that was number 53. Read more about this webtoon here.

How I came to like my male friend – Overview

If you’re a fan of reading webtoons you must have aware of this new release in 2022. This webtoon is quite famous these days because of its best storyline. If you want to read this, you should go for this because this webtoon is still ongoing. So, full episodes are not out yet. The webtoon name is how I came to like my male friend.

Facts about  how I came to like my male friend’s manga

Here are some facts and basic information that you need to know about his manga.

1) Among the most significant events of the year was the release of the first episode in 2020.

2) It is still ongoing and the last episode was episode number 53 which was released on June 8.

3) The release of the next episode is expected soon.

4) The name of the author of this webtoon is pyapya. Pyapya is a famous romance webtoon writing author. And seeing the previous work he has not disappointed this too.

5) Seeing the people rating currently, it has 4 out of 5 ratings. The people are expecting to see more love scenes and chemistry between the main leads.

6) This webtoon has an alternative name too. The alternative name is my friend’s hidden charm.

7) Talking about the genre of this webtoon is romance, comedy, mature dating, manhwa, and josei.

This webtoon is more famous among teenagers.  Ut the storyline is going towards mature dating these days. Here adults can enjoy this too.

The story overview of how I came to like my male friend

Main characters:

Male- jiwoon

Female- haesung

Both jiwoon and haesung were childhood friends. The two of them share a lot of things in common, living in the same neighbourhood and attending the same school. But due to some family circumstances, jiwoon moved away. Haesung was very disappointed but soon the time passed and she entered a college. It was surprising that jiwoon goes to the same college. They meet each other but there was nothing like a romance between them. However, they become good friends. One day hesung accidentally saw jiwoon changing shirts in college. And she developed some sexual feelings for him.

After this incident, jiwoons whole perspective about the haesung changed. And the story leads them to romance comedy and many more. They face many ups and downs before getting into a relationship. Hence this story is all about teen love and how it grows.

This webtoon is still ongoing so you can enjoy this cute love story if you are a fan of reading webtoons.

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