How Far Does Doordash Deliver {Help Guide}

How Far Does Doordash Deliver {Help Guide}

Are you using doordash and want to know how far does doordash deliver then this article is completely for you. Here is the information about the delivery radius of doordash. You can get food delivered from doordash up to 30 miles. However, with an increase in distance, the estimated delivery time for your food also increases. Here is more about the doordash delivery policy.

To learn how far does doordash deliver?

As a matter of fact, Doordash provides food and grocery delivery services from many Walmarts and restaurants. The estimated delivery time from the doordash is very minimal. That is why people use doordash a lot. In the past few years, millions of new shop owners and customers have connected with doordash. However, there is always a question of the doordash delivery radius. People want to order from doordash but sometimes the delivery radius is too much., So they become confused about whether they will confirm or not.

Here is the complete guide for how far does doordash deliver. If you are a new doordash user then this article will be very important for you.

Doordash order delivery range

The maximum delivery distance for doordash is 5 miles. If you are located in an area of 5 miles from the ordering restaurants then your order will be delivered under the doordash delivery time. Most of the restaurants do not mention the delivery radius. In that case, 5 miles is their default radius. However, for more customer satisfaction, there is a feature on doordash that allows the restaurant to increase its delivery radius. So only restaurant owners can increase the delivery area. The maximum area that they can increase is 30 miles.

Why doordash reject some orders?

Some restaurants have a 30 mile delivery radius. But still, your order is rejected. It is because of the doordash delivery drivers. Most of the drivers cancel the delivery because of the long driving time. Doordash delivery time matters a lot for the drivers. If a driver is new then there are chances that he will pick up the delivery. But most of the time they cancelled that. The distance between the pickup location and the delivery location matters a lot. But also the distance between the doordash delivery driver and the restaurant matters. So, there are a lot of factors that play a role in food delivery via doordash. This could be the most possible reason for our order to get cancelled by the doordash.

Doordash delivery time with location

The ideal time for the doordash to deliver your food is 42 minutes. If the restaurant falls within a radius of 5 miles, you will receive your order much quicker than the restaurant located 30 miles from your home. Most restaurants do not increase their restaurant delivery radius because they prefer food quality. Your food will get cold in 42 minutes even if it gets delivered within 42 minutes. The food will not remain hot and eventually, the restaurant will receive bad. That’s why most of the restaurants do not increase their delivery radius in the doordash app. So with an increase in radius, the estimated delivery time also increases.

Delivery timings of doordash

The delivery and service fee for doordash is minimal.  The delivery fee of doordash is much less than the other food delivery services. Doordash delivers 24 hours, 7 days a week for the whole year. So, you can order anytime from doordash. But other factors impact the delivery services of doordash. Many restaurants deliver the food for a certain period. So, if the restaurant has fixed hours for preparing the food then doordash will not be able to take orders from that restaurant. Your locality will impact the delivery and lt. If you are living in a good locality then your food will get delivered to you without much hassle. So many factors influence the delivery time of the food from the doordash.

Why doordash is best among all?

Doordash is the best delivery app. Certain factors make doordash the best of all.

1) Strict delivery timing of doordash is the most attractive point. Doordash will deliver quickly as possible. The good thing is your order will reach you by the time you set a time limit for the order. If you are located in a far area then the delivery time will increase a bit. But still, it will get delivered in that updated time.

2) Variety of restaurants. You will find almost every type of restaurant on doordash. If you are looking for Indian, Chinese, and Indian then all the types are available on doordash.

3) Doordash charges the minimum delivery fee. You can take the membership of doordash. This membership will allow you to order food from anywhere and no delivery charges will add to your food.

4) Doordash delivers in more than 7000 cities. And the number of cities is increasing day by day. Because the demand for doordash has increased from the past few years.


In conclusion, doordash can deliver up to 5 miles. This radius is the default radius of doordash. However, the restaurant manager can change the delivery radius up to 30 miles. But with an increase in radius, the estimated delivery time also increases. And the food quality does not remain the same. That’s why most of the restaurants work on the default feature of doordash. Hope you all will find how far does doordash deliver and this is all helpful.

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