How Does Pickpocketing Work In Baldurs Gate 3?

How Does Pickpocketing Work In Baldurs Gate 3

Pickpocketing is one of the hardest and the rewarding tasks in Baldurs Gate 3. Because if you manage to pull this off then you can get some exclusive rewards. But if you will fail then you have to start the pickpocketing all over again. Here is how does pickpocketing work in Baldurs Gate 3. This guide will help you to do this in a very effective way.

It is a very entertaining thing in this game. and you will enjoy this a lot. Because it gives new challenges every day to the users.

The Rewards Of Pickpocketing

Successful pickpocketing can yield valuable items, gold, or even important quest-related objects that might aid your journey. It can be particularly useful when you’re low on resources or need a rare item that’s difficult to acquire through traditional means.

#1. Use Sneak Mode

The sneak mode will make you invisible and help you approach the character that you want to pickpocket. You can be visible in the red cone only. So you have to avoid that and you will be fine to rob anything from anyone.

#2. Use The Right Species

Some species are made for robbing purposes. So if you are trying to rob then use these species.

  1. High elf
  2. Wolf elf
  3. Drow lightfoot
  4. Strongheart

#3. Be Calm

When the non-player character notices some movement around they stop doing their work and start to look around. Never try to pickpocket in that state. Wait for them to be calm and then try again. They become calm within a few seconds.

#4. Distract Them

If you are playing in groups then you can distract the non-player characters by indulging in talking with the help of other players then you will have enough time to rob these people. 

#5. Consider The Consequences

When pickpocketing, consider the potential consequences. Are you ready for a fight if you’re caught? Are you willing to compromise your reputation with the faction or individual you’re stealing from? Weigh the benefits against the risks and proceed accordingly.


In conclusion, Here is how does pickpocketing work in Baldurs Gate 3. Here are a few tricks that you can use to pickpocket in this game. Because you can collect some valuable stuff from the pickpocket.

And late use those items in your need. The non-player characters are the best to rob. Use all these tricks to rob them without getting caught.

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