How Does Onlyfans Blocking Work {Clarified Here}

How Does Onlyfans Blocking Work {Clarified Here}

These days online continent creation platforms not only help in becoming famous. But also helps in earning money. One such platform is OnlyFans. It is one of the most popular platforms where you can customize your content and earn a huge amount. But with an increase in popularity, the danger of leaking personal information also arises. So one common question in this situation for all the creators is how does OnlyFans blocking work. No one likes to block their subscribers. Until they did something offensive.

So if you come across anything like this then you are at the right place. we will do our best to give information about blocking features on OnlyFans. You can protect your privacy with this feature.

So How Does OnlyFans Blocking Work For The Users

To better grasp how OnlyFans blocking operates, it’s essential to explore the steps involved. When a creator decides to block a user, they initiate the process through the platform’s settings. The user, once blocked, is no longer able to view the creator’s profile or any posts, even if they were previously subscribed. Additionally, the blocked user cannot send messages or leave comments on the creator’s content.

For creators, this feature offers a valuable layer of protection against unwanted interactions, harassment, or breaches of privacy. It empowers them to curate a community of subscribers that aligns with their values and content guidelines. However, it also raises questions about the potential misuse of blocking, as some creators might employ it to stifle legitimate criticism or differing opinions.

What does a subscriber experience after being blocked by the creator?

Now if we think from the perspective of a subscriber. They will lose all kinds of subscriptions to that creator. And their profile will no longer be available for that user. They can see the content that was created. But from a different account and with a new subscription only.

This all is done to protect the privacy of any creator. With all these signs a subscriber can guess that he is being blocked by the creator. So there will be no difficulty for the user to understand this.

Controversies about OnlyFans blocking feature

If a creator blocks a user then this is the loss of users only. Because as soon as they will get blocked, they will lose the membership of that creator. So even if they get unblocked the membership will not come back.

Also sometimes due to the personal controversies of any creators, the fans start to defend their favorite creator. And the creator blocks them from defending the other creator. So here the misuse of the blocking feature by the OnlyFans happens. Hence not everyone is happy with the OnlyFans blocking feature. However, only OnlyFans considers changing the terms for blocking a user by the creator then some good changes can happen.

How to block a user on OnlyFans?

If you want to understand how does onlyfans blocking work, it’s important to learn step by step guide to block a particular user on OnlyFans. The process of blocking a person on OnlyFans is very simple. If the user has your membership then his name will be on your subscribers list.

  • All you have to do is search for his name.
  • Click on his profile and tap on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Here you will see an option for block.
  • Click on that option and confirm your choice and your work is done. 

Tip To Check Who Blocked You On OnlyFans

There is a very simple way to check who has blocked you from OnlyFans.

  • All you have to do is search that person’s name in the search box of OnlyFans.
  • And if the user is no longer available in your list, Or if you are not finding the user in your profile. It means that a person has blocked you.
  • You can try searching for a creator and if that creator is active.
  • But in your account, that creator is no longer available, It means you have been blocked by that creator.

This is one of the simplest ways to find out if you are being blocked by someone or not.


So at last now you know “how does OnlyFans blocking work”. The blocking feature was to protect the privacy of many creators. However many creators use this feature for their benefit. Or use the blocking feature during personal controversies.

So OnlyFans blocking feature does not give much justification. Here you will get to know more about this feature and how it has been used by the onlyfans creators. User blocked by creators is a bad thing for the user only. Because they lose their paid membership.

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