How Does A Narcissist React When You Stop Chasing Them?

How Does A Narcissist React When You Stop Chasing Them

Narcissists respond the same way as some familiar person reacts when you stop chasing them. Narcissists’ behavior is a little more altered than that of ordinary human beings. When someone rejects us we thought what caused the other person to reject us. Here is how does a narcissist react when you stop chasing them.

Falling in love is easy but maintaining that love is hard in this current situation. And it becomes very hard when you start loving a drug addict person. Here are some changes that you will see in behavior after you stop chasing them. If you want to know more about those behavioral patterns then you are at the right place.

Narcissist Mindset

Narcissist Mindset

The mind of the narcissist person depends on many different factors. If they are high then you will see a different person and when they are sober they will be a completely different person.

So their behavior depends on their drugs. Most of the drug addicts are moody so sometime they will treat you with care and love. But in the second moment, they will not even respect you.

So it is very difficult to predict their behavior. They might behave a little constantly for some time. But you will soon see a change in their behavior.

Behavioral Change Is When You Stop Chasing A Narcissist

Behavioral Change Is When You Stop Chasing A Narcissist

Here are some of the common behavior that has been observed in narcissists when their favorite person leaves them or stops chasing them.

#1. Flirting

This is the most common thing that you will observe. They try to grab your attention by flirting with you. And if you went back for them then you will see a more aggressive behavior of him.

He might behave ok for some time.  but after some days he will return to his old self. Flirting is their technique to grab your attention and to keep your attention on them.

#2. Abusive Behavior

This is the first thing that you can expect from them. They will start throwing tantrums. And they might say bad things to you. And in some cases, they even try to physically harm you.

So you have to keep this in mind because this is the first behavior that you will see. Maybe after some time, they become soft towards you but the sudden loss of love is like the withdrawal symptoms.

#3. Keep Distance

Another common behavior that has been observed is that they will act like they do not care. They will act like you were never in their life. So they may act like they did not know you.  And make more distance than you do.

If they show this type of behavior then it will help you in moving. Because eventually, you will see that you are never excited in their life. And they will help you in moving out easily. 

#4. Behaving Like A Child

If they truly love you but they are very weak in the form of their addiction. In this case, they will start weeping and begin to stop going from terrier life. And they will try to do everything that you need from them.

In some cases sit is seen that the person has seen leaving their addiction for their love. This happens in extreme cases but yes this can happen. So you never know what can happen at the moment.

These are some of the common behaviors that have been observed in narcissists. So you never know what behavior altered them.

Why Narcissists Need Affection?

Why Narcissists Need Affection

If a person is a drug addict then they need you like a mother. Because of the social validation. They need you to validate the point. And hence they need affection. So they do not want to lose their loved ones easily. If the addiction is in the initial stage then you can help them to lose that addiction.

But in the later stages, they may become agree to lose everyone they love just for the drugs and all. So it is better to try in the initial stages. However, love can change everything and it has been seen that many cases become addicts in the later stages as well. so you never know how does a narcissist react when you stop chasing them.

Feeling That Can Help A Narcissist To Live A Normal Life

Feeling That Can Help A Narcissist To Live A Normal Life

There is some feeling that motivates a person to change. If you can generate these feelings in the narcissistic person then there is a chance that will leave the addiction. But you have to put a lot of effort to generate these feelings.

These feelings are as follows:

  • Guilt
  • Rage 
  • Hoover
  • Love

Try to generate this in the person. And there is a 90% chance that they will change and leave their addiction. These are some throng feelings that can impact anyone’s life. No matter in what condition is the other person.


In conclusion, here is how does a narcissist react when you stop chasing them. There are a lot of feelings that can be shown by the person. So you cannot decide on one feeling. But you can generate some feeling in them. And then make them stop their addiction. So you can give it a try.

This will serve as a complete guide on the narcissist’s behavior. These are the hours that you see almost daily with them. But in extreme situations, the behaviors alter a lot. So you can not predict their behavior at the moment.

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