How Do You Give a Standing Spray Depth?

How Can You Give Standing Spray Depth

In this article all you need to know about how do you give a standing spray depth. Standing spray is a flowery arrangement, which is mainly used for solemn events like a Funeral. Place often uses standing spray to place them on tripods and easels.

Typically, standing sprays includes flowers like Roses and Lillies, and standing sprays are usually instructed by a funeral director to be used in a cemetery.

What is a Standing Spray?

What is a Standing Spray

Standing spray is a flowery arrangement, used for solemn events like a funeral. The word spray is used here because people often arrange flowers in a fan shape position, which looks like a spray, that’s why it is called a Standing Spray.

You can use flowers like roses, carnations, and lilies, you can also customize the flowers, which reflects the personality of the deceased.

Furthermore, you can also use the person’s favourite flower or colour. You can also write words of affection as a short message in the middle of the standing spray.

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How Should You Use Standing Spray?

How Should You Use Standing Spray

They should be put on easels and presented to mourners. The funeral director will utilize the flower arrangements in the cemetery, that’s why standing sprays are also good options for ceremonies at a grave.

Now, standing sprays aren’t a good option to send to the deceased’s home or workplace, it might not be appropriate. You should save it for serious places like funeral ceremonies and memorials.

Why We Should Use Standing Spray?

It can be difficult for a person to express his or her grief toward the deceased. That is why a funeral is one way to honour a person’s life.

Standing spray becomes an important part of funerals, as they come in different types of floral arrangements. Which serves as a purpose to celebrate the significance of the person, and can be customized in such a way that reflects the deceased personality.

Standing Sprays give a beautiful tribute to the life of the deceased and it is a way for grievers to show respect.

How Do You Give Standing Spary Depth?

You can give a standing spray depth by arranging the right kind of flowers with the right arrangement that shows your affection towards the deceased. You can also add a short message in the middle of the spray.

Remember, standing sprays are mostly used for serious events like funerals and memorials. That’s why don’t give them at home or the workplace, save them for the funeral ceremony.

Flowers Used For Standing Spray Depth

These are the flowers that should be used in Standing Spray depth, you can also add flowers that reflect the deceased personality. But as standing sprays are for serious events, that’s why not add birthday flowers in them.

  • Roses
  • Lilles
  • Carnations
  • Daffodils
  • Orchids

After selecting the flower, go for the arrangement part.

Right Kind of Arrangement for Standing Spray Depth

Standing spray’s flower should be arranged in such a way that foliage should appear as it explodes and cascade from the centre.

1) Standing Spray Colors – You should use more vivid colours, and avoid using vibrant colours, choose the classic ones.

2) How tall should be Standing Spray – It should be significant in size, which can go up to 2-3 feet in width and up to 5 feet tall.

3) How Far in Advance Can You Make Standing Spray – Not more than 24 hours, as the flowers have to be fresh at the event. If you are ordering flowers, normally it takes up to 48 hours (2 days) so it is better to order in such a way that they should be available before the event, but not more than 24 hours.

DIY: How to Make Standing Spray Depth 

You can buy a standing spray depth online also, or you can make it by yourself also. Whichever method is more suitable, you can go with that. If you want to make it by yourself, you have to buy some flowers and other stuff.

I think the video would be more practical here, therefore here is a video that will help you to make a Standing Spray.

Link to the Video – DIY Standing Spray Depth

Final Words

Standing spray is a good opportunity for you to show your affection towards the deceased. These were the basic things you know to use Standing spray depth as a tribute to a person’s life.

I hope this article helped you.

If this article is missing any points, you can share your knowledge in the comments and help others.

Thanks for reading!

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