How Do Pornstars Not Get Pregnant {Follow 3 Methods}

Feature Image - How Do Pornstars Not Get Pregnant {Follow 3 Methods}

We always wondered how is it possible for pornstars to not get pregnant even while having unprotected sex. But there are many methods that they use to avoid pregnancy.

Want To Know How Pornstars Don’t Get Pregnant?

In today’s world, almost everyone watches porn videos. Nowadays there is a wide variety of porn. This is one of the reasons that the consumption of porn is increasing day by day. Many people feel relaxed after watching porn videos and that’s why they love watching them. Many people use porn videos for masturbation. But many questions arise in our minds while we are watching porn videos.

One of these questions is how do pornstars not get pregnant. This is one of the questions that is frequently asked by consumers of porn videos. In about 95% of porn videos, porn stars do not use any protection like condoms. Then how is it possible that they do not get pregnant? That’s an obvious reaction of any consumer. So today we’ll answer this question for you.

What methods do they use to prevent pregnancy?

Actually, there are many methods that pornstars can use to not get pregnant. For example, we use birth control methods like the pill or something. But they affect our health if they are used often. So, pornstars do not use these kinds of methods. We will discuss methods they use to prevent pregnancy.

We know that condoms are the best things to prevent pregnancy but they don’t show a man wearing a condom. That’s a bad thing also because that impacts the mentality of people watching it. So here are some most commonly used methods.

#1. Birth control pills

There are different kinds of pills that are available on market to prevent pregnancy from unprotected sex. Taking too many birth control pills frequently too can cause problems like more blood flow in periods. That’s the most common method to prevent pregnancy but pornstars avoid it because they have to use them frequently.

But still, it is a very effective method and that’s the reason most of them use birth control pills. Even after taking them, I used to consult a doctor. Taking medical advice is always helpful in many ways. So they keep consulting their doctors.

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#2. Vasectomy

This process helps to prevent pregnancy. Vasectomy is a process that makes a man unable to have children. Many male porn stars in the industry have gone through this process. Therefore, they can freely have sex and not risk getting pregnant as a result of it.

After this process, the sperm of that man is separated from the semen. That is the safest method for pornstars to prevent pregnancy. Because they don’t have to take pills after having sex. This is also the reason why men with vasectomy are in demand. Because they have an advantage over other men.

#3. Fake porns

As you know many porn videos are fake and they are made for consumers’ entertainment purposes. This doesn’t happen in low-budget films. But many porn videos are fake. And that’s the reason why pornstars do not get pregnant. You might think that these videos are fake. But they have many methods to represent things in a realistic way when they actually are not.

Other than that in how many porn videos have you seen a man cumming inside a girl? There is a very low ratio of these types of videos. They always cum on their body parts like mouth breasts etc. But it is also true that pre cum can also make a woman pregnant. But not releasing sperm inside is always hygienic and can prevent pregnancy.

Final Word

So they were some common methods. But in real life, you should always have protected sex. Using condoms is the best way to prevent pregnancy and if you’re not thinking of having a child then you should never avoid using condoms.

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