How Big Is A Horsecock {Answered Here}

How Big Is A Horsecock {Answered Here}

The horse is among one of the most fascinating animals. And it is not only because of its good looks, strength, running power and more. When we talk about horses a most question that pops in our heads is how big is a horsecock. You are not the first person to ask this question related to horse cock. Horse cock is always the hot topic for gossip among people.

There are many misconceptions about the horse cock size. And today we will try to answer all those questions related to the horse cock. Hope most of your misconceptions will clear after reading this.

So in real how big is a horsecock?

Just like human beings, every horse does not have the same cock size. Also with breed the size changes. Another factor that is responsible for determining the size of a horse’s cock is whether it is erect or not. Usually, the measurement of a horse cock is taken while in the erectile position. On average the horse cock measures around 50cm. Now this size is not fixed for every horse. According to the above factors, the size can increase and decrease too. With this length, the diameter of the horse cock is around 5 to 6 cm.

Facts about horsecock size

There are many facts related to the horsecock. Here is a list of some of those facts.

  • In the whole animal kingdom, horses have the largest cock. No other animal has this big cock in the whole kingdom.
  • The size of a horse’s cock does not depend on the overall size of the horse. So a small horse can have a bigger cock than a large horse.
  • The horse cock can reach up to a length of 3 feet during mating. It depends on the arousal of the male horse.
  • Male horses sense the pheromones of female horses and then mate with her. Also, male horses are choosy for their partners.
  • Due to the large size of the penis sometimes a trainer is required for the mating purpose. This is done just to prevent the loss of horse semen.


I hope this article helps you to find the answer to the most fascinating question “How Big Is A Horsecock?”. The horse cock is among the most talked about topics. It is because of the huge size. There is no other animal that has this large cock in the whole kingdom. Hence horse cock is the topic of gossip.

Remember not every horse has a big penis. It is the same as human beings. Some people think the bigger the horse the bigger will be the cock size. But it is not true. A small horse can have a big cock rather than a larger horse.


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