How Are Houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir Different?

How Are Houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir Different

In this article, we will see information on the differences between houseboats in Kerala and Kashmir. India is a land of remarkable diversity. Indian people have different regions being endowed with their own special cultures, lifestyles, foods, and habits. This diversity is also reflected in their houseboats! In case, you had a chance to try them in the southwestern state of Kerala as well as in the northern region of Kashmir, you will surely agree that these two houses are very different. Listen to me.

5 Primary Factors of How Are Houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir Different

Many factors make it a difference to the houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir. They always differ from each other. I hope you can better understand this difference by knowing the following 5 important factors here.

  1. Contrasting Atmospheres
  2. Contrasting Settings
  3. Different Boat Designs
  4. Outdoor Activities Vs Cultural Immersion
  5. The Magic of Diversity

We can discuss all of this one by one here.

#1. Contrasting Atmospheres: Kerala vs. Kashmir Houseboats

Kerala Houseboats:

  • The interiors – Have their own atmosphere, totally opposed to the ones of the exteriors.
  • Kerala houseboats are typically fairly minimalist or even spartan structures. 
  • Bedsteads will be of functional type i.e. cots, wooden tables, and kitchenettes. 
  • Yet, why waste money on amenities when these sights are already so eye-catching?
  • It is a non-pretentious retro kind of environment.

Kashmir Houseboats:

  • Kashmiri houseboats are embellished exquisitely. 
  • Detailed wood carvings, plush carpets, and cozy fireplaces, together with beautiful embroidered textile works are the standards. 
  • Many of these houseboats were built as a summer escape for the wealthy in the 19th century. 
  • This noble heritage is reflected in the fantastic interiors and private gardens that some boats even have attached to them!
  • I would say it leans more toward posh than rustic Kerala boats though.

There are more differences in the upcoming. Stay enthusiastic!

#2. Contrasting Settings

Kerala Houseboats:

  1. Firstly, the environments are opposites. 
  2. The houseboats in Kerala sail on the famous backwaters which is a vast network of canals, rivers, and lakes passing through palm-fringed villages and leech-green landscapes. 

Kashmir Houseboats:

  1. Up in Kashmir, the houseboats are just anchored and not exploring anywhere. 
  2. They are permanently moored along the shores of tranquil lakes with the sharp snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas in the background. 

Let’s Talk about contrasting backdrops of How are houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir different

#3. Different Boat Designs

Kerala Houseboats:

The architecture and construction of the vessels themselves are rather diverse as well. Kerala houseboats are a modern version of the great merchant ships that sailed the backwaters carrying rice and spices. 

Those are thin, sailing boats with arched bamboo leaves weaved over wooden ribbing. They are typically covered in palm fronds or banana leaves making them look just like the rooftops of the most beautiful houses in the tropics.

Kashmir Houseboats:

Today in Kashmir, it is a separate design school that we face. Unlike Western architecture, the houseboats here are called “shikaris,” which have a distinctive wooden construction with intricately carved cedar paneling and roofs made of weighted matted reeds. 

In everything, they look in greater accord with the tranquil nature and the exceptional artistic heritage of Kashmir. Shikaras are so skillfully maintained that they fit the calm lakes and mountains in a very futuristic way.

#4. Outdoor Activities Vs Cultural Immersion

Kashmir Houseboats:

Okay, let us talk about the facilities and activities around these house boating areas. For this, some other things come into play. In Kerala, however, the outdoor and nature feel carries the day. The guests can take strolls through the village, try bamboo rafting, have Ayurvedic massages, participate in craftsman workshops, or watch birds in the semi-forested backwaters. It’s laid-back and rustic-chic.

Kashmir Houseboats:

On the other hand, in Kashmir, the houseboat scene is suburban, with Srinagar, the region’s largest city, being the center of attention. So, you are staying near major cultural sites like the beautiful mosques, Mughal gardens, lively markets, and handicraft districts. 

Apart from shopping for distinctive handicrafts, watching dancers perform traditional dances, browsing centuries-old sites, and just enjoying cityscapes and mountain scenes, this also incorporates. It is more hectic and has a bigger cultural impact than the small sleepy hamlets of Kerala.

#5. The Magic of Diversity

Here is how house boating in Kerala and Kashmir differs – from the place to the design of boats, interior, amenities to everything in general! Nevertheless, such independence is the beauty of traveling in India.

You could go to a hundred different places and find amazing differences in the type of people, cultures, food, and the things to do wherever you go. They are the true reflection of this idea.

Wrapping Up

Indulging in the rustic simplicity of a palm-thatched houseboat sailing the lush grassy backwaters or the marvelously carved shikara moored on a peaceful Himalayan lake – there is a floating home in India to taste to every taste and preference.

Thus, hurry up! All aboard, sit tight and let the natural rhythm of the water take you to two contrasting yet equally wonderful ways of life. Now you know How are houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir different. Bon voyage!

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