How Accurate Is Snapchat Location?

How Accurate Is Snapchat Location

The accuracy of Snapchat’s location is one of the most significant questions. Snapchat location does not always show the correct location. Because you need to update your location on the map regularly in order to make it accurate. Hence sometimes it shows a glitch in the location.

Snapchat and its location feature

The Snapchat application is among the most used apps these days. Here, you can send snaps to your friends and you can chat, and make more new friends and all. So, basically, it is among the list of most exciting and interactive places. One of the new and most used features is the snap map location. As a result of these features, you will be able to share your location with your friends. Of course, You can also choose to share your location with only close friends and family If you do not feel comfortable sharing your location with friends and family. Now only people on your close friend’s list will be able to locate you on the Snapchat map.

So, the common question that arises here is how accurate is Snapchat location. To know more, stick with the very ends.

What is Snapchat?

If you have an internet connection then you can use the Snapchat app on your mobile phone. This is a social media app that helps to communicate with people all around the world. Snapchat features are different from other social media apps. That makes it more and more attractive. You can add Snapchat friends from your contact book and even from their user id. Here, you have features like sending snaps, maintaining a streak, and the most crucial snap score. Hence, It’s a foolproof entertainment package for the users.

What is a snap map location?

Snapchat has installed a new feature in its app. It is known as the Snapchat location. This feature allows the users to share their real-time location with their friend list. If you click on the left-hand side corner of your mobile screen then you will see your profile. You can scroll down a little and you will come up with the feature of the Snapchat location. You can choose the friend list that you want to show your location. Also, it comes with the ghost mode option. In this option, you will be able to see the other person’s location but the other person will not be able to see yours.

How accurate is the Snapchat location?

When you open the app, the app will seek and allow permission to access the location feature. So, Snapchat uses the device location to determine your location on the map. So, the location on the snap is your device location which is presented with some more graphics and all. If you are updating your location then it will depend on many factors. Like the network in your area, your internet speed, system buffering, and all. Hence the location status depends on many factors.

So sometimes the location faces glitches and the Snapchat stars show the wrong location. Or if you will not refresh your map then it will, again and again, show the same location for one person. However, if the other person and you are in a good network area then you will not face any problems.

Who can view your location on the Snapchat app?

This depends upon you and to whom you want to show your location. Snapchat believes in maintaining its user’s privacy. So, it gives you many features that help you to control the location by seeing the feature.

Ghost Mode

The first one is the ghost mode. Here no one will be able to see your location but you can see the other person’s location.

Only friends option

This feature allows you to make a list. Here you can add only those friends in your lust that you want to show your location.

My friends except

If you want to show your location to all your friends except one or two. Then you can use this feature. This feature allows you to hide your location from a few friends.

All friends

This feature makes your location visible to all your friends and family.

How does Snapchat mess up the location?

If you have not updated your location then Snapchat will show the same location for 8 hours. Hence you will remain in the same location for 8 hours in the Snapchat app. Also if you will not open your app for more than 8 hours then your location will automatically disappear. Hence Snapchat does mess up with your location. So we can say that the Snapchat location depends on many factors and it is not always correct.


In conclusion, Snapchat has the location feature which has the best graphic feature. And the representation is also very attractive. But this location is not always correct. Because you have to update your location again and again on this app only then it will show the correct location.

Also, the location depends on network setting, updating, and many more factors. So there are very high chances of getting the wrong location. So do not always blindly trust the location feature of the Snapchat app. Hope you will find how accurate is Snapchat location from this article.

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