Guide to Measure Laptop Size to Find a Right Bag or Case

A Guide to Measure Laptop Size to Find a Right Bag or Case

On Box, if your laptop size is 15 Inch, does it means the overall size of the laptop is 15 Inch – No, actually this number only indicates the size of the screen. So, how can you measure the correct size, in this blog we will tell you A Guide to Measure Laptop Size to Find a Right Bag or Case.

What you’ll need to measure laptop size is a Measuring Tape or a Ruler.

To Learn How to Measure Laptop Size?

The easy way to measure a laptop size is to take a ruler or a measuring tape and measure the screen of the laptop diagonally, from top left to bottom right.

This Images is tutorial for how to measure screen size of a laptop
Measure Diagoanally to get Screen Size of Laptop

You should only measure screen, not bezels, this is the screen size of your laptop.

Ideally, you should select a bag, which is slightly bigger than the laptop’s screen size.

You can scroll down to find a Laptop Size Chart to know the dimensions of the laptop.

However, if you want an absolute correct size, you can also measure the height, width, and depth of a laptop by yourself.

To Learn How to Measure Dimensions of Laptop?

Measure Height 

Image Tutorial to Measure Height of the Laptop

To measure the height of the laptop, you should close it and now measure from top to bottom with your measuring tape or ruler. As shown in the Above Image

Measure Width Image tutorial to Measure Width of Laptop

The horizontal size of your laptop is the width of your laptop, place a tape or a ruler and measure your laptop horizontally to know its width.

Measure Depth

Measure Depth

To measure the Depth of the laptop, you should close your laptop, and measure your laptop vertically, from top to bottom.

You can note down the height, width, and depth of your laptop, and also convert it into centimeters, using this online calculator.

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Laptop Size Chart

This is the laptop size chart, here you can see the standard screen size, and the dimensions of some of the popular laptops, we have also given size cm, in case if the website you’re buying from doesn’t mention inches.

Standard Laptop Size Chart

Screen SizeH x W x DCentimeters
11 Inch7.5 x 11.2 x 0.66 inches27.94 cm
12 Inch8.30 x 10.9 x 0.66 inches30.48 cm
13 Inch8.36 x 11.97 x 0.59 inches33.02 cm
14 Inch8.81 x 12.11 x 0.69 inches35.56 cm
15.6 Inch10.65 x 14.08 x 0.78 inches39.62 cm
16 Inch10.70 x 14.01 x 0.7040.64 cm
17.3 Inch10.98 x 15.07 x 0.98 inches43.94 cm

Note – Actually there isn’t any standard size of laptops, especially dimensions. These dimensions are taken from some of the popular laptops in that screen size. If you want the absolute correct dimensions of your laptop, you can measure by yourself, by following the method above, or else you can check on websites like Amazon or on your manufacturer’s website.

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