[Fixed] PUBG mobile lag fix 2gb ram (2020)

[Fixed] PUBG mobile lag fix 2gb ram (2020)

Today we’ll learn how to fix PUBG mobile lag fix 2gb ram. This article is a set of curated tips from different mobile users with similar specifications. That has been used to resolve their issue. PUBG is a viral game, And if your device is facing lags, You won’t survive in the game. So It’s essential that we should not comprise the quality of the game. Also, this guide is super simple to follow, And all the methods that I’ll suggest will take no longer than five minutes to implement them. That being said, let’s start this article.

Step 1: Free Up the Memory and Ram of Your Device

The very reason you face lag, Is because; Your device doesn’t have the resources to render the game in real-time. But the moment you free-up some space. Your device gets some breathing space and then. It could give more importance to your game. Purchase a memory card that can hold up to 32GB of memory. Move everything movies, songs, photos onto the card. Keep the system memory only for games. This way you will utilize a lot more compare to than when you have everything on the same system memory.

2) Change Your PUBG settings

After you have installed the game on your device, PUBG will automatically detect the specs of your device. And configure itself accordingly. But in some rare occurrence, it may not set the appropriate setting for your device. You need to go to the PUBG setting and choose your graphics as LOW. This may affect your gaming experience. Because Graphics will be not sharp. But the smoothness that comes with It, Will make you forget about graphics. Updating the game to the latest version also helps with the proper integration of your device and the game.

3) Internet Is The King

While playing offline games, or Hyper casual games. We tend to disconnect our phones from the internet to avoid those annoying ads. But in the case of Online Games, the Internet plays a crucial role in the synchronization of many devices for a single server. Many times people face lags because of their Internet Connection, And they think there is a problem with the mobile phone. You can fix PUBG mobile lag fix 2 GB ram, With this simple trick. So whenever you think your device is lagging, Look for the internet connection of your mobile phone.

4) Install PUBG Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool

Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool (BAGT) helps you do configuration that was not possible with the game itself. It’s like overclocking for a mobile phone. You are utilizing every bit of your specification for the optimum gaming experience. This comes excellently handy when you have PUBG mobile lag for 2gb ram or Mid Range phones. It is totally safe, And there is no hurdle from the game. Millions of users have installed such application, And their account has not been banned. So You could use this fantastic tool to improve your PUBG gaming experience.

6) Download PUBG Lite

Okay, It is not a solution but good advice. If you are phone is not able to deliver the type of performance you are expecting. Then I would suggest that you download the lite version of the game. It is exactly the same. But with little memory requirement and space. The idea behind playing a game is to enjoy It, and you won’t enjoy something if It works so slowly. You can do everything that Is possible in the normal game as well. With some exceptions. It’s great; If you haven’t downloaded the game. Go give it a try.

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