Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code Issue

Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code Issue

It’s common to not receive Instagram SMS codes sometimes. Here is all the possible reason and solution for this problem. These are very effective and will help you to solve your problem in no time.

6 Methods To Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code

As a matter of fact, Instagram is a trending social media application for any country. These days social media is all about safety and security. Hence every platform has its way to protect its users. Usually, this platform saves us by sending an SMS code on your mobile phone and informing us about the unauthorized login. Also by sending a security code you can log in on any device too.

But at the end of the day, it is just a technology and there are high chances of the defect. For example, sometimes Instagram does not send SMS codes becomes a huge problem for the users. So today we will look for the solution to this problem.

#1. Have a good network connection

Internet connection

The main reason for Instagram not sending security codes is because of the poor mobile networks. Make sure that when you try to log into your account you have an astable internet connection along with the mobile network. If you will fix this then you will also fix Instagram not sending SMS issues. So you can make sure that you are in an area where you receive a good amount of network stability and greater internet bandwidth. Try to close your wifi and open the mobile data because sometimes we do not receive any text messages or calls because of the wifi. So if nothing is working then close your wifi.

#2. Fill in the right phone number

Another common mistake people make is that they fill in the wrong phone number or the mail. In that case, the Instagram server does send the messages but they are received on any other end. So it’s a very crucial factor and you always recheck your phone number as well as your Instagram-associated email address. By keeping your eyes open you can fix the security code issue of Instagram. Both Instagram and Facebook accounts have the same method of login if you have forgotten your password. So these things will also work if you are looking for ways to fix the verification code issue.

#3. Check your spam folder

Email spam folder

You can try to log in with your email address too. So there are high chances that you receive the factor authentication code on your spam folder. So before blaming Instagram for this, check your spam folder. Most of the messages like this are received emails from going to spam.

#4. Instagram cache

Sometimes the Instagram server does not work due to the heavy file and the extra data that you have stored. So try to clean all the junk files. You can go into the mobile setting then on the app ad by selecting the Instagram app you can clean all the cache files. These files clear around 900MB of space at once. So after doing this you will start receiving the security code from Instagram. This is a very old and most effective method of all.

#5. Update your app

Update Instagram application helps to fix SMS code issue

All social media apps require updating from time to time. You have to update Instagram if you are not receiving an SMS code. This could be the main problem here. If you will not update the apps for a long period then you will also face some problems in using the app. Like messages are not sent on tike, receiving all the event notifications very late, receive the messages. If you are facing all such problems then you should consider updating your app. Usually, Instagram doesn’t give a very heavy update so you can update via your mobile data.

#6. React out for Instagram support

Instagram customer support

If your Instagram is not sending SMS code even after trying all the above methods then you can try to contact the Instagram support team. They will help you fix aunty’s kind of trouble. If you have noticed unusual activity on your account or if you have noticed an unauthorized login. If you are not sure how and where to resolve a problem, you can always reach out to Instagram support for assistance. All you need to do is write your problem and you will find the exact solution. You can also call them and ask for solutions.


In conclusion, above all are some very effective tips to fix the problem of Instagram sending SMS codes. These are the common mistakes made by people. The Instagram support team can assist you if any of the above methods don’t work for you, or if you need more assistance.

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