Simple Way on How to Find Out Who Texted Me?

Simple Way on How to Find Out Who Texted Me
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Find out who texted you

If you have recently received an unknown or non-recognizable phone number, who shouldn’t text them without knowing who they are. In this article, we’ll tell you the Simple Way on How to Find Out Who Texted Me.

In many cases, the phone number is a fraud, spam, or an unauthorized number. According to a 2019 study, there were 31.3 Billion Spam calls all around the world.

A Simple way to recognize or find these spammy, fraudulent phone numbers is to simply do a google search.

How to Known Phone Number Who Texted Me?

To Find out who texted you, you should first do a Google Search. 

This is because many forums mention that fraud phone numbers. A Quora result can also blow up your mind.

Might be it can be any business, who’s texting you.

Many people share their experiences in their blogs. Might be that fraudster has done fraud with a Blogger, it definitely will be a good story to read.

You can simply type that phone number in Google Search, and find out the result. But if he isn’t so popular or not a fraudster, then social media can help.

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Use Social Media to Find Who Texted

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Use Social Media

Nowadays almost half of our 7.5 Billion uses the internet. Many of them use social media. Many of the social networking sites require Phone Numbers to verify and one can also list them in their Profile.

If luckily the person has accounts on social networking sites then it’s the simplest way to find out who texted you.

For example, save that number on your mobile with any name and then go to WhatsApp. Refresh that list and if that person uses WhatsApp you can recognize him with his profile pic.

Facebook-like sites also list the phone number, so if you search it on Facebook you can get the Profile linked with that phone number.

There are many options for you like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit, etc.

If you recognized him, it will be great but if not, you can find mutual friends on this site and ask them. Another Simple Way is to use websites.

Find out who texted you

Earlier their phone directory where you can find numbers, but the problem with them was that they were time-consuming.

Later, as technology evolved, everything started coming on the internet. So as the Phone Directory, now many websites are there that have a database of these phone numbers.

Some Popular Website/Apps to find out who texted you –

  • Truecaller – If the other person has registered with that phone number, you can also register here and find out that person’s name. The problem with this is, if you registered here, your data is also with them.
  • WhitePages – Another great website to find out someone’s name, and here the problem is it’s only accurate for Americans.
  • Number Guru– You can download it or visit their website, to find more!

Actually, there are many websites for reverse phone lookup, but it needs that number to be that number registered. However, the listed website and apps are popular here to find out who text you.

So, these were some simple methods to find out who texted you.

However, if the person texting you or harass you verbally, you can tell your local police officer about it. You can even launch an FIR against him because as per the law it’s crime.

But before acting legally, you should first clarify that if he or she is your friend or relative, who just pranking you.


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