Fallout New Vegas Console Commands

Fallout New Vegas Console Commands

Fallout new vegas console commands give you a lot of advantages. If you are looking for console commands, In this article, I’ll share all the fallout new vegas console commands. Fallout new vegas is a game developed in the Gamebryo engine. The same one, Used for the development of fallout 3. For that, much of the main codebase has a lot of similarities. One such similarity is the console command in both games.

The same commands that I have shared with you below, If you want to make your game more interesting then you can use those commands. Some people called this cheat, and some commands, But under the hood, it is there to help you accelerate in the game. Fallout new vegas is not an easy game, And you looking for different commands to help ease up the difficulties is just OK. All the fallout new vegas console commands are working and up to date.

How to enter fallout new vegas console commands

Before you could fire up your game with instant upgrades, You first need to understand, How to enter commands for the game. So, For entering commands in the fallout new vegas, You’ll need to access the developer console in the options.

To achieve this, You must first click on the (~) button, That is just under the ESC button.

For international keyboards, The ESC key might be on the right bottom on the keyboard. After you click on the console button, The game will be paused.

Now you need to remove the Heads-up display, And then you need to give the text prompt of (|). That you will find in the bottom left of the screen.

Here, You need to enter the commands and click on the enter button for the cheat code to take place.

During the course of entering commands, You must remove the <> from the text, And replace that with the information required.

You don’t need to type the brackets, Also you have to remove the # with the numerical.

List of fallout new vegas console commands (CHEAT CODE)

Getting Pip-Boy Markers in the Map

tmm 1

You can easily activate all the pip-boy markers without any efforts. Pip-Boy will be visible on your maps, And you can watch all of them. Also, you can fast travel to different locations.


Change War Fog in the Game


You can use this command to either turn-on or turn-off the fog and can clearly see the Pip-Boy map.


The God Mode


You can use the following command to turn-on or turn-off the god mode. After activating the following command, You get invisible and have unlimited ammunition. Your carrying capacity and AP also increases to unlimited. Also, The items do not degrade.


Become Demi-God with this mode


The following commands turn-on or turn-off the demi-god mode. If you use this, You’ll be protected from all the damage. But, You do not get unlimited ammunition like the god mode.


Kills all the Non-player character


Using the following command you can kill the Non-player character and all the other NPCs creatures in the area.


Get Teleported

coc <cell edid>

Using the following command, You can get teleported to another specific cell location.


List of fallout new vegas console commands for camera


Free Moving Camera


Using the free-moving camera, You can turn on the camera and turn off with the following command. Using the code, You can move and look wherever you please.


Free Moving Camera Speed Control

sucsm <#>

You can use the following command to change the speed of the movement of the free camera. You just need to replace the # with the value of your choice. For slowing down the camera enter 1, And for a very fast camera enter 10. Do not add a bracket, Just the numerical value of your choice.


Removes the HUD


You can either turn on or off, The HUD and Menu.


View of the Field

fov <#>

Change the view of the field, The current default is around 70, And you can narrow it down to 40. The wides can go till 90. You can select a number of your own choice.


Change Light Brite


Turn on and the Light Brite mode, It increases lighting in dark areas.




Increase Items Inventory

player.additem <base_id> <amount>

The following command increases the inventory of your items in the menu.


Free Items in Inventory

player.equipitem <object_id>

You can equip items from inventory using the following command.


Increase Weapons Health

player.setweaponhealthperc <#>

The following command maximizes the health of the player.


Fallout new vegas NPC console commands


Target Setter

prid <ref_id>



Get Teleported to NPC

player.moveto <ref_id>


Change NPC Location

moveto player



Toggle NPC Inventory

additem <base_id>, removeitem <base_id>



equipitem <base_id>, unequipitem <base_id>



Know About NPC Inventory




Menu of Barter




Get NPC Health Back



Remove NPC From Game



The following command removes all the NPC from the game.


Get The NPC Back


Turn On/Off Combat AI


Turn On/Off AI



Choose NPC Faction

setally <factionID1> <factionID2> (0/1 optional) (0/1 optional)


Choose NPC Faction for Enemy

setenemy <factionID1> <factionID2> (0/1 optional) (0/1 optional)


Give NPC Immortality

setessential <base_id> <#>


Get or Remove NPC

disable, enable


Create Combat



Reduce NPC aggression

setav aggression 0


Enter NPC script

addscriptpackage <base_id>


Duplicate NPC script

player.placeleveledactoratme <base_id>


Change Companion Quest

resetquest <quest_id>




Choose Scale

player.setscale <#.#>


Choose Actor Value

player.getav <variable>


Choose NPC value

player.setav <variable> <#>



Adjust a NPC value

player.modav <variable> <#>


Add a Perk

player.addperk <variable>


Remove Perk

player.removeperk <variable>


Change Sex



Change Name



Change Race/Face



Change Traits



Change Hair



Change Facial Features


Level Up



Change Level

player.setlevel <#>

Set the overall level of your character.


Set Age 

player.agerace <#>


Grant XP

player.rewardxp <#>


Grant Karma

player.rewardKarma <#>

Set Setting

setgs <string>




Delete Object


Deletes the targeted item.


Set Item Scale

setScale <#>

Choose the scale of the items from the game.


Show Item Scale


Shows a read-out of the targeted item’s scale.





The following command unlocks the locked door or the container. You can change the following back to the state of the lock. Using multiple numerical values you can set the difficulty of the lock skill. The numerical value of 255, Can not be opened without keys.


Activate an Item


You can use the following command and target items without using the switch


Delete Item



Get Items

player.placeatme <base_id> <stack amoun #t> <quality #>

Move to Item

player.moveto <ref_id>

Show Crafting Menu (New Vegas only)

showrecipemenu <category>


Choose Timescale

set timescale to <#>


Choose Game Hour

set gamehour to <time>


Fallout New Vegas QUEST COMMANDS


Move to Quest Target


The following command shifts the users to a quest target location.


Visible Quest Log


Shows all the logs of games, The player has encountered till now.


Quest Check

getqc <base id>

The following command checks if the quest is complete, If it is then ‘1’, If not it will show ‘0’.


Quest Reset

resetquest <base id>

List all Objectives

sqs <base id>


Displays a list of all quest objective stages.


Get Objective in Stage

getstage <base id>


Choose Quest Objective Level

setstage <base id> <Quest Objective>



Completes All The Objectives

CompleteAllObjectives <base id>



List All The Targets



Start All The Quests



Saves The  Game

save <save name>


Saves the game using a particular description.


Loads The Game

load <save name>


Leave Game


Leaves the game without menu.




Add Reputation

addreputation <base_id> <variable> <amount>


Remove Reputation

removereputation <base_id> <variable> <amount>


Choose Reputation

setreputation <base_id> <variable> <amount>

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