EL Chango Insurance

EL Chango Insurance

El Chango is a name in the insurance industry. This name loosely translates to “the monkey” in the Spanish language. They have gained the trust of their customers in these 20 years of work. And if you will connect with them once then you will not be able to leave them because of all the benefits that they provide to their customers. Here is more about El Chango insurance. Their main goal is to build relationships with their customers.

Coverages Provided By The El Chago Insurance

Different types of coverage are covered under these insurance providers. And all these have the customization option available.

So they are leading the market with their coverage options.

  1. Home Insurance
  2. Boat Insurance
  3. Auto insurance
  4. Business Insurance
  5. Workers compensation insurance
  6. General liability insurance

All these are the best insurance that you can purchase. They provide the best coverages that you will not see in traditional insurance. And they are trustworthy as well. Because they have been serving the market for more than 20 years.

Available Service Of El Chango Insurance

The service of this insurance is limited. However, they are expanding their services. So in the coming years, we will see edits to this list.

They are currently providing:

  1. Washington
  2. Oregon
  3. Texas
  4. California
  5. Nevada
  6. Arizona

The Speciality Of El Chango Insurance

The specialty of this finance provider is that they give coverage against natural disasters. They allow policy customization and the best thing you do not have to manage different papers here.

Because they are working digitally to manage the customers and their data. So it is also paperless work in this insurance firm. So they are also contributing to environmental sustainability.


In conclusion, Here is everything about El Chango insurance. They are giving the best customer-centric services in this market.


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