Easy Steps to Cancel NBA League Pass

how to cancel nba league pass

In this post, you will know how to cancel NBA League Pass Subscription. Some other questions also might be popping into your mind, like can we cancel NBA League Pass after Free Trial – Yes, of course.

This post will guide you with easy steps and will be answering some of your frequently asked questions.

To Learn How to Cancel Your NBA League Pass Subscription?

Here are the steps to cancel your NBA League Pass via different devices, such as Amazon, iPhone, Roku, Android, and from NBA’s Website.

Follow the steps –

1. Amazon Prime

Cancelling NBA League pass on Amazon Prime is easy –

  • Go to the link – Membership.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account, by entering your email address and password.
  • Here, you’ll be seeing the list of Subscriptions, you’ve taken.
  • Next, you can find and see “NBA League Pass Subscription” here. Afterwards, all you need to do is just tap on “Manage Subscription” next to it.
  • Under Advance Control, you’ll see a link, tap on it.
  • You’ll be redirected to the main subscription page, from this page you can cancel your subscription.

2. iPhone

For iOS Device, you can follow these steps –

  • ¬†On your iOS Device, Go to Settings.
  • Go to Subscription. (Search ‘Subscription’ in Setting)
  • You’ll see the list of your subscriptions, find NBA League Pass Subscription.
  • From here you can cancel your Subscription, by tapping on Cancel Subscription.

3. Roku

To cancel your subscription on Roku, you have to go to Roku’s Website

  • Go to this website – Roku
  • Sign in to your Roku Account.
  • From next, you can just tap on the “Manage Subscription” option here.
  • From now on, you will be able to find NBA League Pass Subscription App in the list.
  • Tap on Unsubscribe.

This will cancel the NBA Subscription.

4. Android

  • On your Android Device, you can open the Google Play Store application first.
  • Tap on Menu.
  • My Apps.
  • Subscription.
  • Under this subscription, you can find NBA League Pass Subscription.
  • And then you can tap on it.
  • Select Cancel, and then Tap Yes, to Cancel Your Subscription.

5. From NBA’s Website

You can also cancel your subscription via NBA’s Website, follow the steps –

  • Go to nba.com.
  • Here tap on Sign in & Sign in to your account.
  • Then, go to My Accounts.
  • Here, Scroll down to My NBA Subscription.
  • Of course, You’ll be able to see your NBA League Pass subscription here.
  • You can cancel it from there only.

There you have it, the NBA’s website allows you to cancel it.

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FAQs – How to Cancel NBA League Pass

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by NBA League Pass subscribers.

1. Is it possible to cancel my NBA subscription free trial?

Yes, you can, in fact, you won’t do it after a free trial your subscription will be auto-renewed. Prior to the end of the free trial, you should cancel it.

It’s easy to cancel it, you have to just navigate to manage subscriptions, tap on NBA League Pass subscription, and cancel it.

In this post also, we have presented how to cancel NBA League Pass online, and on various different devices.

2. What is the auto-renewal policy for NBA League Pass?

There are two types of NBA League Pass, one is a Season-long league pass and the other one is a Monthly Subscription Pass.

Both are Auto-Renewal.

But the Season-long league pass subscriber will be notified before being charged, while the monthly subscriber will be charged automatically without being notified.

To stop the auto-renewal of your pass, you have to cancel it before the next billing cycle.

3. Details About NBA League Pass Customer Support Team

If you are unable to cancel your NBA League Pass subscription by yourself, or it’s being difficult for you then you can contact NBA Customer Service Support Team.

By submitting a request on this webpage – NBA Customer Support

You can describe your problem with NBA League Pass, and they will be contacting you at your given email address.

That’s it for this article, I hope this helps…

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