Download YouTube Video in HD in 3 Steps!

download video youtube hd

Watching your favourite YouTube Video, and want to download it, but YouTube has restricted to download many YouTube videos unless you buy Premium Subscription. Don’t worry just follow these 3 easy steps to download YouTube Video in HD.

By using this method you can download the video without getting any issues. Or you can convert it for your desired MP3 Song file. You can use Android, iPhone, or your laptop to download videos from YouTube.

Let’s see how to do it.

Download YouTube Video in HD (3 Steps)

No matter which device you are using Android, iPhone, or PC, You can follow these three steps to download Video from YouTube.

Step1 – Go to YouTube and Copy Paste link of the Video

By tapping on share copy the link

So the first step is to go to your appropriate YouTube account and then you can find the desired video you want to download here.

Then, you have to copy the appropriate link to that YouTube Site. You can copy the exact video link by clicking on Share Button first, and after you can tap on the Copy Link.

Of course, It will show the copied link, if you have copied it successfully.

Then, came out of the YouTube app, and follow the above steps.

Step2 – Go to and Paste the Link

Now, go to this website –

This website helps you to download and convert YouTube videos, you can download a video in maximum resolution available of video.

After going to the site, just paste the video link and tap on start.

Step3 -Select the Resolution and Download Video

Download the video in appropriate size and format | Select the resolution and tap on download

After pasting the link, and clicking on start, you’ll see many resolutions to download the video.

You just have to select the resolution, and press download, it will start downloading, that’s simple and easy it was. 

You can select from the maximum resolution, to increase video quality.

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To Learn How to Convert YouTube Video into MP3?

Now if you want to convert YouTube video into an MP3 audio file, you can follow the above steps –

  • First of all, you can go to YouTube, and then copy the appropriate video link here.
  • You can copy any video link, by tapping on the share and copy link.
  • Paste that link here –
  • Tap on search.
  • Then, you can convert your desired YouTube Video into an MP3 audio file without getting into any issues.

That’s it, now you can able to convert YouTube videos into any other format you like.

As often YouTube videos are entertaining as well as informative, but they can disappear from our feed, it’s difficult to find them again. In that case, downloading the video can be helpful.

However, due to YouTube’s restriction over downloads is increasing, as of now, you cannot download music videos without a premium subscription.

In that case, these tools may be helpful to you.

We hope you find this post helpful…

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