Download Uppena Movie Telugu HD | Movierulz & Telegram Links

Download Uppena Movie Telugu HD | Movierulz & Telegram Links

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Uppena Telugu Movie Download HD | 400 MB | Telegram Links

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Uppena Movie Synopsis

Uppena Movie Download Telugu
Uppena Movie

The plot of the film sounds good – a poor teenager from an oppress caste falls in love with a girl from the dominant caste and the duo falls in love with each other immediately.

But  here is resistance to the relationship and things take an ugly turn when Bebamma’s father (Raayanam Vijay Sethupathi) learns of their love story. It raises a lot of questions, such as castes, classes, religion, caste system, gender roles, etc. The film, a collaboration between director Rakeysh Ojha and actors Krithi Raghavendra and Sethupathy, tells the often told story of how class differences threaten to tear apart the love of the two teenagers.

Early in the film, it becomes clear that Raayanam ignores his cousin’s behavior when he complains about it.

Vignesh Shivan also lets casting criminals go free, but the debutante has done his best with films like Dorasaani and Colour Photo, which also bring such stories to the fore and distinguish the film. TV Movies Uppena, our heroes play in action scenes that show and explore exotic places. The film is part of the Netflix anthology Paava Kadhaigal and is also available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia and New Zealand on Netflix.

The visual presentation is one of the main advantages of this film, and the cinematography adds another layer to the story of Buchi Babu.

Ending Story Theme

The confrontation between the heroine and her father is written very hastily. And the conversation between father and daughter is an emotional pleasure. The last 20 minutes of the film are a great selling point, writer and director Buchi Babu is in top form in this episode. Instead of filling the plot and script with nice elements. He paints the screen with the best of his talents and gets and gets good chemistry out of the new couple.

Even if the central love story requires a leap of faith. It is this part that is most captivating. When a story is about a girl and her father, you don’t want it to be about the girl. You want it to be about her father. So not only is this a story of a rich girl falling in love with a poor boy. But there is also a place for a woman who is in the pedigree and considered a bearer of honor.

Cast, Crew and Music

Devi Sri Prasad hit the bullseye with Uppena and it is considered the soul Love Story. Every soil story has purity, and purity is in all the love stories of Uppena. The story of a young girl’s love for her father and mother, but not in the traditional sense of love.

Krithi Shetty excels as a character who is motivated by emotion. Also steals the spotlight from Vijay Sethupathi in the movie’s defining moments. . Vaisshnav Tej is also appropriate in his portrayal of Aasi, but since he comes from a Starclan. He is portrayed as a larger than life hero in this film.

Since childhood, Aasi Panja (Vaisshnav Tej) has adored Bebamma (Krithi Shetty).

Although predictable, Aasi and Bebamma’s love story manages to elicit a smile through their innocence. Though predictable, their love stories manage to elicit a laugh and a smile from the innocent.

Although the story has a little routine and parts of the second half become predictable, decent storytelling and a hard-hitting climax make this film. It is an impressive watch. Naveen Noolis cut is also good, especially in the first half. Where she there are plenty of boring scenes that would have been hack out. This aspect is one of the things the filmmakers have been thinking about while writing the script, and this film leans heavily on it.

Uppena Full Story | Total Story Explanation

Do read this story if are a good reader. Or else download Uppena Movie from the above top links.

This story took place in Kakinada in 2002 and tells the story of a fisherman who fell in love with Bebamma Shetty. Uppena means “flood” in Telugu and the village chief of Kotagiri Rayanam (played by Vijay Sethupathi) has become Aasi (Vaishnav, Christian) from the fishing community to the doom.

Love, which finally wins the fight has been told by many directors for many years. But at the end of the film he turns out to be more of a staged film guru. Buchi Babu Sana seems convinced that this film will fulfill her wish. Herdin’s father is the villain and does everything to separate her from her mother and her father’s family.

I recommend you watch this movie to see this great love story on the big screen. CJ has risen from me.

The views and sounds of the film are a great representation of what the characters are going through and what they are going through. Even if Uppena has a predictable ending, this film is a perfect outing if love stories are the cup of tea. If you see it this weekend. Don’t expect too much of the love story. You can also watch it for free on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix Canada and Netflix US. If it’s you cup – or tea And you still expect too much. You can not look without Uppena on weekends.

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