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Recently, the story of Harshad Mehta released on SonyLIV for subscription in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu too. It went viral on OTT and brought SonyLIV into the OTT competition like how Mirzapur brought Amazon Prime. Finally, SonyLIV got some great masterpieces. The lead role was played by Prathik Gandhi as Harshad Mehta who doesn’t even look like him but still rocked the role with intensifying dialogues and action. The theme music composer Achint Thakkar got another level of appreciation after the background music went viral all over the internet. You can download that BGM here from the below link in HD quality.

Download Link Of Scam 1992 BGM: SCAM 1992 BGM DIRECT DOWNLOAD

Story Synopsis : (Spoiler Alert)

Story Synopsis - Scam 1992

Scam 1992 Download 2021

It is the real story of Harshad Mehta during the 1990s what he did and how his friends supported and betrayed him. There was a scam named scam 1992 which was done by Harshad Mehta. He was tilted as the king of BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange) as all the share market things were all on his side. Mehta used to speculate the perfect stocks which are going to rise and which are going to fall. Mehta worked as a stockbroker which enhanced his experience and knowledge overstocks.

In that process, he notices few loopholes in the system and falls for scamming things up. The banks which are in need of any loans used to contact Harshad and the banks which are willing to give loan were also contacted the same, Mehta. So, he took advantage as he believes that banks believe in him. So, he created fake documents showing that some banks are in need of loans and grabbed lots of money from the banks that are giving loans, and used it to invest this money in the stock market. He used to collect money by showing those fake documents.

As we know that banks strongly believe in Mehta, they never have had complaints with Mehta.

One of the reputed banks involved in this is the State Bank Of India (SBI).

So, as he got more money, he used to buy the same stock and increasing that specific stock price. Then, customers and investors thought that this stock will land them in huge profits and bought a high number of stocks in that specific company.

That made Mehta a millionaire.

A news reporter named Sucheta Dalal noticed Mehta’s trick and found India’s biggest scam.

As she let the cat out of the bag, the Mehta’s stock’s price abruptly fell down. In this series, sitharaman of SBI betrayed Mehta at the end. The death scene of Harshad Mehta went emotional where Prathik Gandhi’s action won the hearts of viewers.

Download Scam 1992 All Parts -Direct Download

Do you need to Watch Scam 1992 in online streaming?

Here is the link:-

Episode 01-04(720p):-

Episode 04-10(720p):-

Direct Download Links:-

Normal Quality(720p):- Episode 01-04 (Size:- 571MB):- Click here.

High Quality(1080p):- Episode 01-04 (Size:- 1.3GB):- Click here.

Normal Quality(720p):- Episode 04-10 (Size:- 764MB):- Click here.

High Quality(1080p):- Episode 04-10 (Size:- 1.8GB):- Click here.

How to Download Scam 1992 Hindi Tamil Telugu Malayalam | Movierulz Telegram Links.

Steps to Download Scam 1992 in Magnet Links:

Here we go with the download process of Scam 1992 with all languages in one. The first link is whole season 1 in one file with a quality of 320p and a size of 1.9 GB. This is a Movierulz link so, you need to follow a few steps before downloading.

Step-1): Firstly, you can download the Bit Torrent app from Google Play Store. Or click here to redirect to Play Store.

Step-2): Then, open the app and click on “+” on the right top.

Step-3): Copy the below link and paste it on BitTorrent App. Identically, The link is in low font size, just select it carefully and copy the magnet link.

Step-4): Paste the link in the dialogue box in the BitTorrent app which comes when you click that + symbol.

You can also directly copy the link and when you open the BitTorrent app, it will automatically detect the link and asks to add it. Click on Add and the download starts automatically.

Magnet Link that you have to copy and paste in Torrent App

Normal Quality(720p):- All Parts(Size:- 4.77GB):- Click here.

High Quality(1080p):- All Parts(Size:- 6.47GB):- Click here.

Scam 1992 Movie Download in Hindi:

Also Download Scam 1992 in Hindi Original Version | All Parts in One File

Magnet Link:- []

Download Scam 1992 English Subtitles

So, If you are looking for English audio for Scam 1992? I have searched elsewhere on the internet but I didn’t find the English audio but I found the English subtitles. I have provided them here separately for eight episodes in the first season.

Episode-1: Link-1

Episode-2: Link-2

Episode-3: Link-3

Episode-4: Link-4

Episode-5: Link-5

Episode-6: Link-6

Episode-7: Link-7

Episode-8: Link-8

Episode-9: Link-9

Episode-10: Link-10

I hope you know how to extract these files and embed them into the video. If you don’t know, follow the below steps.

How to Add Download Subtitles To MX Player

Extract the files that you downloaded before above. Then, they will get convert into .srt files. Better create a new folder as Subtitles and extract them there.

 1): Firstly, you can download MX Player from Play Store or you can go to the following link: MX Player – Play Store

2): Then, Open the app and play the selected movie or video for which you want subtitles.

3): While playing that, click on the options on the right top. 

4): Then select the option Subtitle which is in the fourth position.

 5): It will open your file manager. Select the subtitle files over there ending with .srt format.

6): If the extraction fails or won’t happen, just rename the .zip files into .srt directly.

7): Then, select the specific SRT files for the video.

That’s it. The. Subtitles will start playing in the MX player automatically. But, if you exit the video, you may have to select the subtitle file again.

Report any broken links in the comment section.

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