Does Tinder like Expire?

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There was a lot of fuss about dating apps in the earlier days of these apps. They came out with new ideas to meet people online and eventually date them. And the interesting thing is that it came out to be wonderful. People did meet on these apps and eventually now have their love stories.

Tinder is one of the prominent apps when it comes to dating profile websites and apps. It is the most in use app to date. There are a number of couples who met by the courtesy of Tinder.

So how does Tinder work for its users?

Tinder Likes and Super likes

Tinder provides its users with a decent number of Tinder likes every day. You can keep swiping right, this means that you are liking the profiles. Every profile you like increases your chance to find a match. A match is only made once the other person also likes your profile back.

Once you find a match, you can have a conversation. You can simply start chatting as well. You can also share your social media handles or phone number. This will help you to take your friendship to the next level.

So it is evident that Tinder likes matter a lot. But a question arises: does Tinder-like Expire?

Does Tinder likes expire?

Well, if you use Tinder, you know its policy of likes. You get a number of likes and super likes to use and find your match. If you replenish the likes, wait for 12 hours and start swiping again.

But does Tinder likes have a life? How long does alike stay on Tinder? Does Tinder-like Expire?

The answer is yes and no!

It is evident that you are a busy person. You do not check out your Tinder app every day. There is a policy of Tinder for inactive accounts which impacts your likes. So this means that if you do not use your account for 7 consecutive days, your account gets deleted. This means that Tinder deletes all your likes and super likes as well.

But if you check out your Tinder app every day, it performs as a caution. This keeps your account active and your likes and super like intact. So this means that your Tinder likes do not expire until your account is active.

So the answer to the question ‘ Does Tinder Likes Expire?’ is Yes and No. Until your account is active your Tinder likes stays. Once your account is inactive, likes expire as well.

What to keep in mind while liking a profile on Tinder?

There are a few things you should always keep in mind while liking a profile.

  • Always read the bio of the person.
  • Reading a bio will help you to understand the nature of the person.
  • Do not judge after watching the pictures in tinder.
  • Trust your gut before liking a profile.
  • Do not like every profile that comes across your screen.

Keep these things in mind, and you might just find a partner for yourself.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Tinder Likes, you have to adhere to the number of likes. You can update or purchase premium membership known as Tinder gold or Tinder+.


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