Does Insurance Cover Testosterone?

Does Insurance Cover Testosterone

Testosterone injections are used by both men and women all over the world. It is used to treat the low testosterone levels in the body. But men use this more than women. Because in the later age the level of testosterone level decrease which also affects the sexual health of men. But have you ever wondered does insurance cover testosterone? Because the prescribed testosterone injections are very expensive and not everyone can afford these.

These injection therapies are for a certain time. And you can not skip a single injection during the process. Hence it is important to know if this covers insurance or not. Here is more about testosterone coverage by the insurance policy

Cost Of Testosterone Therapy

The testosterone cost depends on your condition and how much item your body needs to recover from that low levels. If you have very low levels then the treatment will run for several months. However, if you are above the average limit then one-month injections will be sufficient for you.

The type of doctor that you are seeing and from which brand of testosterone injections you are using puts a great effect on the total price of the therapy. Talking about an average price you can get one month of testosterone therapy for $1000. This price is variable and can vary from your treatment.

Insurance coverage and testosterone therapy

Not all insurance policies cover testosterone therapy. There are very specific insurance policies that cover testosterone treatment in their health insurance. If the low testosterone level is due to a genetic disease then it will cover by the insurance policy. But if you want to take the therapy. Because of your desire then you might not find any insurance policy that will cover for you.

That insurance policy that will cover the therapy needs a doctor’s verification for the competition money as well. So check your health insurance policy for the treatment of testosterone levels.

Coverage in the insurance for testosterone therapy

Some health insurance only covers doctor visits and lab testing for testosterone. And some insurance policies cover the main treatment only. Even if your insurance is covering for the labs and all then it will be a great benefit for you. Because all the lab testing requires a lot of money.

The diagnosis of low testosterone levels can not be done just based on symptoms. So if your doctor is suspecting this then he will suggest you do lab testing for sire. Hence you have to prepare money in advance for the labs.


In conclusion, here is everything about Does insurance cover testosterone? Some health insurance covers testosterone treatment. Only if the disease is genetic. But you can take benefit of your to induce testosterone coverage. If your doctors wrote a statement that your disease is genetic then you can get the treatment compensation from the insurance policy.

However, if your insurance policy is covering the treatment then it is not sure that it will cover the lab test as well. So always check your health insurance policy before going for the testosterone treatment. You can ask your insurer about the policy terms and conditions for a specific disease. Because every covered disease is mentioned in your policy. You can even read this by yourself.

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