Does Insurance Cover Breast Lifts?

Does Insurance Cover Breast Lifts

We are living in a world where outer appearance is more important. One such outer beauty standard is having big, lifted, and attractive breasts. However, the price of breastlifting and breast implant surgeries is above the head. So people seek help from their insurance policies. The common question that arises from here is does insurance cover breast lifts. To answer this question it is very essential to understand the insurance policy.

There are certain conditions where insurance coverage for breast lift surgery is possible. So it is essential to understand those conditions. Otherwise, you will have to pay the full price for your breast-lifting surgery.

So, in what case does insurance cover breast lifts?

It is essential to understand that insurance policies cover medical procedures. Even though breastlifting is a medical procedure it is not a procedure that includes the well-being of a human. It comes under the cosmetic procedures. So usually insurance coverage for breast lift surgery is not possible.

However, exceptions may exist when the surgery is deemed medically necessary. For instance, if the breast lift is recommended to alleviate physical discomfort or pain caused by sagging breasts, insurance may consider covering the procedure. It’s essential to consult with both the surgeon and the insurance provider to determine eligibility and gather information about the specific criteria for coverage.

In what conditions the insurance will cover for breast lift surgery?

There are certain conditions where insurance coverage for breast lift surgery is possible.

These conditions are as follows:

  1. If you have written medical evidence that your breast lifting surgery is not only for cosmetic purposes. Then the insurance company covers the surgery.
  2. The written evidence should be from a registered doctor. This document is usually cross-verified with the hospital and the doctor by the insurance company.
  3. Breast sagging and ptosis are the main medical conditions in which breast lifting is suggested. But it is divided into many grades based on the conditions.
  4. So the insurance coverage is affected by these grades of breast sagging and ptosis.
  5. Usually, high-grade conditions are covered under insurance policies.
  6. If the breast sagging and ptosis have started hindering your day-to-day activities then the insurance policy will cover the surgery.
  7. Hindering in day-to-day activity means having severe pain in the breast, itching, discomfort in moving, and all.

The average cost of breast lifting

Your insurance can cover 70% of your surgery cost. But this percentage can decrease based on the grade of disease and all. If we talk about the total price of breast surgery then it is around $2500. And this price is without an insurance policy.

If you can afford this surgery without insurance then you can go for it. However, the average price is subject to change concerning the conditions. Like doctors, pre-operative testing, medication, and hospital. So this is not the final price for the surgery.

Also always remember that the insurance only covers the main surgery. So the cost of medications and pre-checkups are not included in the insurance policy.


Now you have the answer does insurance cover breast lifts? If your medical conditions require breast lift surgery. Only then your medical insurance will cover this surgery. Otherwise, the claim for the surgery will be rejected by the insurance company. And after submitting all documents for the breast lifting surgery the insurance company will cross-check all the documents with the hospital.

This ensures that no one takes unnecessary benefits from the insurance policy. Here you will find the answer to the most common question about the insurance coverage related to breast lift surgeries. Never try to fill false claims for the insurance money. You might get yourself in serious legal trouble.


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