Does car insurance cover non accident repairs?

Does car insurance cover non accident repairs

The insurance company does cover the non-accident car damage repairs. but there should be certain conditions for this. You have to follow these conditions. to know more about this read the article below.

Does car insurance cover non-accident repairs?


It is true that car repair insurance does provide you with money in the event that your vehicle is damaged in an accident. But sometimes you need money to repair the car in a non-accident situation. Well, the car insurance company also provided the insurance claim for the non-accident coverage. But there will be certain conditions for this. We will learn about these conditions and the exact situation where you can get the money for the car repair.

The cost of repair also depends on many factors. Seeing these factors and the condition of that car the insurance companies cover the cost of repair. So read all these conditions before filing a claim for the non-accident damage repairs.

Types of car insurance

There are different types of car insurance.  You have to check the insurance quotes before purchasing one insurance policy. Only choose that policy which suits the best to your taste. There is a wide variety of insurance plans that you can choose from. For the same plan, there is usually some variation in the process from one company to another, so you should choose carefully. Here is a list of all the types of car insurance you can choose from.

1) Liability insurance

During the course of this insurance policy, mechanical repairs will be covered as part of the coverage for damage caused by others. If you are responsible for the car accidents then you can pay for the person’s damage with the help of this insurance. The coverage for mechanical repair will be limited only. And this does not cover anything for you. Hence it is the cheapest among all.

2) Collision insurance-

This insurance will cover your cost of repairs. Hence if you meet an accident then you can use this insurance to repair your car. But only your car will cover under this insurance. This is a little more expensive than liability insurance.

3) Full coverage car insurance-

This type of insurance is also called comprehensive insurance. This insurancge ce covers everything including your car damage repair and the third-party damage r repair. It is the most expensive of all. And the monthly premiums last more than any other insurance policy.

You can choose any of these seeing your needs. If you just want to skip the penalty fee from the traffic police then go with the liability insurance only.

Non-accident car insurance coverage

Hail damage car

Yes, car insurance does cover the non-accident repairs. But this does not include regular car repairs. There should be a certain condition for this. First of all, you have to buy comprehensive car insurance. This benefit is only available in that insurance policy. Although it is the most expensive car insurance. You need to have the following conditions before filing a claim for the non-accident cover:

  • Damage happens due to fire
  • Hail damage
  • Damage occurs due to hitting any kind of animal
  • Theft damage

These are the only types of non-accident coverage available in comprehensive insurance. If any of these apply to you then your insurance company does cover the non-accident repair of your car. In order to receive this service, you must pay all your car insurance premiums. So make sure you clear all the premiums before filing the claim otherwise the claim request will reject.

Things that are not covered by any car insurance

Surely the car insurance gives security for the car repairs. But this does not apply in every case. There are only certain cases that are covered under car insurance. And if you will fill the claim request either than these covered things then your insurance claim will reject. Here is the list of things that are not clever under any car insurance policy.

  • Not cover the faulty repairs
  • Damage happens due to rust are not covered
  • Maintenance services
  • Damage happens due to falling objects
  • Wear and tear
  • Maintenance service damage will not cover

All these cases are not covered by car insurance. So check before applying for the claim.

Does the car warranty cover the non-accident damage?

The new car has a 3-year warranty and the distance covered is 36000 miles. If this criterion is not fulfilled yet then they can cover the non-accident damage repair for your car. But these things should not do. Some car companies provide extended warranties with the new car. These extended warranties will depend from company to company. So you have to check your car documents for the extended warranty criteria.

Mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI)

This insurance only covers the mechanical damage that happens in the car. Because most insurance companies offer the policy without mechanical damage cover. Hence you have to buy this separately. There are only a few companies that offer this type of insurance so you can ask your insurance agent if you want one. Just like the car warranty coverage limits it has its limits too. You can count on the MBI to pay for all mechanical repairs on a car that is less than 10 years old and has fewer than 113000 miles on it.

Wear and tear are not covered in any of these policies. But some of them give replacement for the few wear and tear parts. So check that before going for a repair. There are chances that you can get some for the wear and tear damage.

All options for the car damage repair

Here are all the options available for you to repair your car after an accident.

  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Collision insurance
  • Car warranty
  • mbi

With the help of all these, you can have the money for your car repair. Because car repairs are very expensive. Single damage can cost you hundreds of dollars. And remember none of the car damage repair policies give claim money for regular car repairs. So do not apply for that.

Check your policy hard copy and read all the terms and conditions of the claim. If any of that applies to you only then go for a claim. However, if you feel that your right claim request has been canceled, you can also take legal action against the car company or the insurance company.


In conclusion, you can get some non-accident car damage repair money from your insurance company. But there will certainly be conditions that you have to go through. However, you can also go for the car warranty in case of any damage to your new car, above all, you have to be safe while driving. Because in case your non-accident damage is rejected then you have to pay hundreds of dollars for the repair. Hope this will be helpful for you.

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