Difference between the front end and back end

Difference between the front end and back end

Are you confuse and don’t know the difference between the front end and back end. Don’t worry, Many people who start their journey in the programming industry, Don’t have any idea about such a topic either. But I’m proud of you that you are taking the efforts to deconstruct your doubts. The IT industry is very competitive, And it’s required a lot of new knowledge to keep yourself employable. Many times this new information can overwhelm new developers.

There is a lot of things to learn, And people will try to sell you their idea of the best skills. But all those skills that you’ll learn about web/software development can be categorized in two format Front end and back end. So let’s take dive into the topic and get crystal clear about both front end and back end.

Different Job Position in Web Development

Web Designer

web designer

Web Designer as the name suggests is the person who designs a website. Though today with the help of new tools, Web Designer also develops—Web Application and PWA (Progressive Web Apps).but in-general they also play with languages like HTML & CSS and spent the majority of their time in front of Photoshop and Illustrator designing beautiful mockups.

UI designers

UI designer

UI (User Interface) designers are people who are responsible for creating gorgeous, Front End mockups for final development. They may even play with tools like HTML, CSS to convert the mockup into a functioning web page. UI designers just not create mockups for websites, But for everything from Email template, Social media images, App graphics, etc.

UX designers

UX designer

A UX (User Experience) designer is responsible for the overall experience of the product. He is not responsible for the design, but he will judge the design and make an assumption about its performance. A UX designer will suggest many changes and stay in contact with UI designers to give his word at the time of graphic creation.

Front End Developer

front end developer

Ok, now comes the interesting part. If UI designer makes front-end, What does this position do? A Front End Developer is the true master of front-end development. He is the person who actually converts mockups into fully functional web pages. That can be made live on the internet. It is just assumed that if you are a Front End developer you know the core and advance of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Back End Developer

back end devloper

A back end developer is a person, that makes sure the end product is not just accessible on the local device But could reach every connected computer on the globe. He writes code that makes data receiving and sending possible. Without a back end, a website is nothing but a skeleton of markup code with some javascript sprinkle on it. In short, useless. The same goes for the other way around.

What is Front End

Now that we know about the different job positions, let’s talk in detail about both front end and back end. For the initial years of the internet, the front end was neglected and considered as boring and simple. The real game was back-end, Where you have all the fun. But this mindset has changed in recent decades. Front End is the popular kid today, Even back end coder needs to learn it because it has become so complex that you can’t code anything if don’t understand the front end of something. And today you’ll find this as one of the hottest skills to learn on the internet.

What is Back End 

A back end developer is a person, Who has in-depth knowledge about the internet and programming. He has the most technical skills compared to a front end. A back end coder knows exactly, How the internet communicates and works. And he leverages his programming skills and logical knowledge to create communication channels for websites and applications. If you are able to watch a video on a beautifully designed Youtube webpage. It is because some guy has written a thousand-word code that is making it possible for you to watch it easily from any part of the world.

What is Server-Side Language and Who manages it?

I know a lot of people had this question. And they simply misunderstood a network engineer with a server-side programmer. A server-side programmer can be a back end developer or he could be only a server-side programmer. And his only work is to manage servers and locate and relocate them on his Linux device. Banks and other high bandwidth consumers hire such people to keep their servers safe a.

A full-stack Developer

full stack developer

Do you see a senior full-stack developer on LinkedIn and think about what does that means? It is nothing but a fancy name for a person, Who has proficiency in both front end and back end. These are the people that can create a full-function web app like Facebook from scratch without the help of any developer. Though it will take a long time to create such a big application, But my point is it’s doable for a full-stack developer. If you want to become a full-stack then you first need to learn either front end or back end first and then transition into the other one. And if you the harry potter spell you can learn both together.

What should you learn?

what should you learn

Now that you have a good idea about web development. Let’s talk about what should you learn. Okay, fine. Before I open the pandora box. I need to ask some questions. Your answer will help you in choosing, What to learn.

1) If you love solving problems and got good grades in maths.

♥ Choose AI, Yes, I know it’s irrelevant but there is a job market for it.

2) Have an eye for designs and graphics or are you good at photoshop?

♥ Go with any of them, UI, UX, Web Designing.

3) Don’t have hard computer background but still enjoy to code

♥ Then choose, Front End Development

4) Loves coding and have good algorithm knowledge?

♥ Then choose, Back End Development

5) Love Visual and complex aspects of development,

♥ Then, Full stack is for you my friend.

These are just my suggestions and no way the only choice. There is an endless possibility in the world of the Internet and IT.

I hope you enjoy this article about, Difference between the front end and back end. IT is a fast-changing industry and needs constant attention to new information. If you really want to dig deeper, I would suggest taking some fundamental courses in computer science or maybe get your head around some nice books that will give you a broad view of the internet and the IT industry.  sayonara

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