Curious to See/ How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

Curious to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

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Here is an easy trick to answer, How to See who Saved your Instagram Post?

Of course, Instagram is among the most used social media platforms in the globe, with over 2 billion active users and active social media accounts. Even after bringing widespread updates, Instagram has not introduced any feature to know the Instagram account of people who saved your photo.
Instagram gives its users the option of choosing from three different types of accounts. The first one being the private account; the other two, the creator account and the business account, are public accounts. The personal account is perfect for those who love sharing but like to set boundaries. The recent trendy creator account is for those who love creating reels. Or other informative content to engage the monthly active users. The business account is best for social media marketing and widens reach.

Insight Feature Of the nstagram

Know About The Insight Feature Of Instagram:

Going through the statistics, around 300 million active accounts on Instagram are private. Instagram, with many exciting features, keeps user privacy at the top of the priority list. That’s why it doesn’t tell you the name of the account that saved your picture. You can get intelligent insights to know the number of actions taken through the post. You can even get to know about your engagement, the number of people who showed interest in your post. And even the number of saves.

Of course, here you can do a lot with Instagram’s updated features. But you can not trace the accounts that saved your photo. There is an effortless feature on Instagram to save the post you like to enrich your collection. Anyone who can see your picture on Instagram can easily save it by just clicking on the bookmark icon available below your Instagram post.

This is a simple way to determine the number of people who have saved your photo. You need to have either an account for business or creator. If you don’t yet have a business account then here is the option to swich over your private/personal insta account. In other words, you’ll be able to change your personal instagram account into business or creator account here.

There’s an insight function on Instagram that helps to monitors your growth/popularity without any trouble. It gives you exact information about the number of likes, shares, and most importantly, the number of accounts that saved your picture.
The only way to use the insight feature to find out who saved your Instagram profile is by changing your private account to a public account.

Switch to an Instagram business account and check your insights

Step-1:- First of all you can Tap on “Settings”.

Step-2.:- Then, you can click on “switch to a business profile” option here.

Step-3:- Then, Go to your post wall.

Step-4:- Next, you can check the number of people who reached your Instagram account and those who saved your Instagram post.

Instagram Insights

Here is a trick to know who saved your Instagram post:

Please note that it’s 100% impossible to determine the person who has saved your Instagram posts. However, we can suggest something that will satisfy your our curiosity.

Step-1: Firstly, you can Take a screenshot of the post and go to the add story option.

Step-2: Add the screenshot to the story and leave a question tag asking for the one who saved your post.

Well, there is not a sure shot trick to know all the names of those who saved your photo. It might work if you put a message along with the question tag, “I have something for my friends who saved my post, DM me to grab yours soon”.

Grow Your Business Account Over Instagram:

Instagram doesn’t allow you to know the exact details of the one who saved your picture to his/her collection. Maybe this might sound a little disappointing to you. But this fact is relieving the audience seeking Instagram for privacy concerns.

You can always try the above methods to know your audience, understand your post insights and keep a track of your growth. Additionally, You should try out the story hack if you are super excited to know who appreciates you and your creation. Moreover, you can keep experimenting with social media sites to try out newly introduced features, and your business. Or content can get a brilliant reach through Instagram features.

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