Couldn’t Refresh My Feed Instagram Am I Blocked

Couldn't Refresh My Feed Instagram Am I Blocked

Instagram feed is one of the most interesting things. You explore a lot from here. And you can see posts from friends can be any activities. And Instagram gives the option to refresh this feed. Refreshing the old content will push down and a new account will appear. Here is the guide on why I am getting the couldn’t refresh feed Instagram am I blocked? message.

The reasons for not being able to refresh the feed can be many. If we will explore the reasons you can solve the problem as well. If Instagram has blocked you then you cannot access the Instagram account at all. So if the news feeds are not refreshing then the cause is something else. So here is more on this topic.  

What Is An Instagram Feed?

As soon you open the Instagram account you see lots of posts. This page is the feed page. When you click on the searches section then you see more posts. Here on this page, you can explore a lot of different things.

This is also known as the feed page and this page refreshes if you swipe the page down. This page helps you to explore more information and profiles.

Reason For Couldn’t Refresh My Feed Instagram. Am I Blocked?

Could not refresh feed issue on Instagram

Here are a few reasons that can hinder the refreshing of new feeds. So you have to correct these causes and then you will be able to refresh the page. And later you can explore the page.

#1. Internet Connection Issues

The most common reason for encountering the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” message is a weak or unstable internet connection. Instagram relies on a stable internet connection to load and refresh content.

If your connection is slow or intermittent, it can disrupt the feed refresh process. To address this, check your internet connection, and switch to Wi-Fi. If you’re using mobile data, or reset your router to ensure a stable connection.

#2. App Updates

Outdated versions of the Instagram app can lead to technical glitches and issues that prevent the feed from refreshing. Developers regularly release updates to fix bugs and enhance the performance of the Instagram app. Ensuring your app is up to date can resolve many of these issues.

#3. Temporary Server Glitches

Instagram, like any online platform, can experience temporary server glitches that affect various features, including feed refresh. These glitches are usually out of your control and typically resolve themselves within a short period. It’s essential to be patient when these issues arise.

#4. Account Restrictions

If you’ve violated Instagram’s community guidelines, your account may face temporary or permanent restrictions. When your account is restricted, you may encounter difficulties refreshing your feed. It’s crucial to review Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of service to avoid violations and potential account restrictions.


In conclusion, I couldn’t refresh my feed Instagram am I blocked? If your Instagram feed is not refreshing then it is not the problem with your account. But with your internet connection and more. Because in a blocked account you can not access Instagram at all. And until a limited time. 

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