Cloud Computing Certification: Important qualification for Cloud Computing jobs

    Cloud Computing Certification: Important qualification for Cloud Computing jobs

    Organizations of all sizes have migrated to cloud computing recently. For example, IT, healthcare, banking, automobiles, and the financial sectors have begun adopting cloud-based services. This makes cloud computing a game-changing opportunity due to its unique features.

    Cloud computing certification allows professionals to open doors to lucrative jobs in cloud computing in different industries. Business enterprises are now capable of scaling their business processes with flexibility. With cloud platforms’ pay-as-you-go pricing model, enterprises can provide a better user experience and reduce costs.

    As companies are migrating and adopting expertise in cloud computing, demand is high in the United States for cloud computing jobs, making it the correct time to become a cloud engineer. Let us begin by understanding what cloud computing is, and we will also explain the prerequisites and qualifications required to enroll in cloud computing training programs.

    What is Cloud Computing?

    In simple terms, the cloud is nothing but the internet. Of course, when we go to the cloud, it uses the appropriate remote servers to store and access any kind of possible data. You can able to access the data such as files or folders, PDF, WORD, TEXT or other documents, images, music, and video.

    As a matter of fact, cloud technology includes developing software and hardware, various kind of servers, and networks through a cloud service provider. It is the delivery of on-demand services over the Internet.

    A cloud computing training is ideal for professionals looking to move up the corporate ladder and gain expertise in AWS skills.

    Qualifications & Prerequisites to Take up a Cloud Computing Training Program

    A bachelor’s degree in computer science or any related field is sufficient for beginning undergraduates. Without any prior professional experience, learning is possible with just an interest and an open mind. Coding and programming knowledge is essential for graduate students and young professionals with software engineering degrees but little programming experience.

    Another criterion for enrolling in an online training program is that students must have secured at least an average of 50% marks so far. In addition, the education qualification is at least completed the 12th grade to a related degree

    Coming to the qualification part, to become a cloud engineer, it is a must to have a fundamental knowledge of programming languages like Ruby, Java, or Python. In addition, demonstrating technical skills is necessary to pursue a data engineer certification due to the competitive nature of the exams.

    Along with educational qualifications and experience, a cloud professional should display soft, practical skills like communication between the team and client to design and deploy cloud services.

    To advance your career and improve your chances of landing a job at a top tech company like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, etc., we will quickly review some of the best cloud certifications for 2023 in the following section.

    Popular Cloud Certification Courses

    Certifications are proof that validates your skills as per industry standards. Also, it is a great way to increase your visibility in the hunt for cloud computing jobs. There are several role-based certifications available to enhance your technical and practical skills.

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate in the IT sector is expected to grow by 15% between 2021-2031. Therefore, some of the highest-paying certifications are mentioned below:

    1.    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Foundational

    Amazon Web Services is the biggest cloud provider globally. Having AWS skills on your resume will give you credibility to offer AWS solutions to enterprises.

    This is an entry-level certification that is perfect for beginners to understand the overview of the AWS cloud. Also, it is a well-known credential to start with. Once you clear the exam, you can move to the next level in a few years to keep upgrading.

    2.    Google Certified Cloud Architect

    Google is another cloud service provider that offers professionals different certifications, making it one of the highest-paying certifications. With this credential, professionals can quickly help enterprises scale their business goals by providing suitable solutions.

    3.    Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect

    This certification is advanced and ideal for professionals who want to jump-start their careers with the Microsoft cloud platform. IT professionals and engineers can boost the performance of their teams with technical training skills to manage and deploy enterprise-level applications and solutions.

    AWS, Google, and Microsoft are the three most significant players globally. They provide certifications based on skills and experience. One of the biggest reasons to achieve certification is a higher salary. According to Glassdoor, an AWS cloud engineer’s salary in the United States is $1,02,900 annually.

    Top Cloud Computing job options in 2023

    The below-mentioned jobs in cloud computing are pretty standard in the United States based on the necessary qualifications:

    1.    Cloud Administrators

    The job role involves working on day-to-day operations and configuration management. This position requires a minimum of three years of experience. Since they are responsible for providing technical support for operational problems, they must consider getting relevant certifications like Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator.

    2.    Cloud Developer

    Developers are responsible for designing software and web-based apps for companies. These professionals must have experience in programming languages and app development on one or more powerful platforms like Google, AWS, or Microsoft.

    3.    Cloud Architect

    Cloud architects require several years of experience overseeing, monitoring, and developing a strategy to design cloud applications efficiently. That is why they must update themselves on market trends depending on their business needs. In addition, architects must have enough expertise in designing end-to-end blueprints and execution plans.

    4.    Cloud Engineer

    Cloud engineers must be familiar with integration designs and address any technical issues for database management. In addition, they must have previous experience in developing various cloud-based services.


    Once you achieve cloud computing certifications relevant to your skills, it can make a huge difference in your career path. Additionally, credentials are great for keeping you updated with the latest technologies and tools per market trends.

    Hiring companies will look for multi-cloud management, programming, and coding skills. A cloud certification ensures you are well-versed in all the technical aspects and business skills necessary to give you an edge.

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